Of some wars.

We are in the advent of video games. Thanks for Harry Potter and other easy-to-read books, some (or millions) have started reading or continued reading again. Capcoom announced that they’ll release a video game next year for nerds, geeks, and wusses (smile). Since people, especially children, might stop reading for the coming years the company decided to develop a fighting game for the reader.

Authors will show their wares in a 3d type fighting game. Characters will be designed to have a bobble-head type of cranium. All original clothes and other stuff will stay. The programming team also discussed that they’ll create modern costumes for the characters. Voices will be provided by the top actors and actresses and if the character is living they’ll be the ones who’ll provide the voice.

Home locations will also be based depending on where the character is based.

Presenting the Author wars…

Characters are as follows (names of the moves are also included):

brown: cryptographic computed kick, antimatter hold, illuminati ambigram blades

special: rain of roses

carroll: mad hatter’s mad tricks, Cheshire teleport attack combo, shrinking house-hold

special: multiple card trick

christie: the orient express special, gumnaam shot, death on the nile experience

special: poirot’s fatality

king: jaunt-stab, dead animal attack, the it surprise

special: the raft drown

lewis: ice queen’s curse, cabinet of surprises, 4-hit king n queen combo

special: aslan’s roar

paolini: eragon’s assistance, dragon rider’s swoop, Galbatorix’s curse

special: Saphira’s breath

rice: immortality shield, blood drain, Akasha’s army

special: lestat’s kiss of death

rowling: stupefy (colored bolt), boltpedo, buckbeak stomp (flying animal dive)

special: 7-horcrux of death

shakespeare: Ofelia’s crazy amok, lear’s triple threat attack, Venetian flesh wound

special: Juliet’s poison

tolkien: hobbit throw, ent-tangle, double-fisted dwarf-elf attack

special: sauron’s eye

Special guest character:

ong: bobong sipa, bobong suntok, bobong utot

special: bobong special bibingka

Availability of the game will be available for next year. Though, no final announcement is made yet.

If the first installment is successful, the creative team will provide a wrestling version and a 2nd installment (they might feature 20 new players).


Will they sue me if I posted this here?

I wasn’t really keen on writing any copyrighted words by Rowling. She might sue me.


I want to watch My Monster Mom and Paupahan. Yes, Paupahan. We all know that this movie will be a sure flop for the mainstream movie houses but wouldn’t it be nice if I watch a trashy film weekly?

I’m tired of the usual trashy American films.

I do hope that Paupahan is not a porn flick. Good God, no. “Sayang ang Miles”.


~ by targrod on July 3, 2008.

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