Of dependent day.

Is Miley Cyrus beautiful or even pretty perhaps?

I’m still at awe on why the spotlight is pointed towards her. Yup, she’s the daughter of a “famous” singer. She is the main star of the Hannah Montana fame. Her movie gained millions of dollars.

But is she pretty?

The x-factor is not even there.

Or is it just me (as always)?

Now, if she grows up, will she get un-pretty as Hilary Duff?

Why am I asking these kinds of questions? Will we be able to fix the ozone layer if we focus ourselves to these? Or will the gas prices go lower if we get fixed on these wasted young stars (that includes you Lindsay Lohan and other EQ-lacking celebrities.

Now, if they do the marshmallow test when they were young, will they pass it?


Here’s an idea, a local version of Beat the Geeks. We have a lot of local geeks already.

We can get some representatives from the New Worlds Alliance. We have the Harry Potter geek, X-files geek, Narnia geek, Start Wars geek, etc.

We can add some local geeks too. The only thing that I can include here for the meantime is the Local Porn Geek (c’mon, with the advent of the bomba films and the ST films and the “sexy” films, that is a given). Oh, we can add the Novelty Song geek too.

And of course, we won’t forget the generic movie, tv and music geek.

The course of the contest might be different with the U.S. version (or was the show made in Canada?). There will be geeks and such but there will be no medals. Filipinos suck at competition (meaning they tend to be pikon and with the advent of the kayabangan of the geeks, the show might turn to Pinoy Wrestling, but that’s another story). We can still get the concept of beating the geek though. Maybe we can give some bonus points for the contestant if ever he/she wins.

We can “steal” the concept from Game Ka Na Ba’s face-off round. The one with the “I bet my pwet I can give five characters from…” or some newer style that I haven’t think of yet. We can still add the Geekqualizer round (this round is awesome, really).

And the last part, I have no idea. In time this will come. As if I can create my own tv show. As if I can be a host for this non-existent show.

Aaahh, the power of the stupid mind.


How can dwarves create their homes? Why is it that humans always has the carpentry skill?


~ by targrod on July 4, 2008.

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