Of I forgot to post this 2 days ago.

You’re probably aware of the latest Brendan Fraser film (nope not that mummy part three). I’m going to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth in cinema.

The thing is, I’m still amused with 3-d glasses. A friend of mine asked me “Why are you watching that movie? Is it for the glasses only?” I told him “Yup, it’s all for the glasses.” He retorted “But why?” Of course this conversation was all in Filipino. English is awesome.

Okay. After watching that movie, I’m going to use those glasses everywhere I go. I will do some 3-d hunting. I might look stupid (I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m stupid so I might as well go on with it) but I really don’t care. I’ll look at my surrounding and I’ll try to search for a 3-d area.

The 3-d glasses, what can you get from it? First, at least I can use the glasses after I watch the film. Second, I might be able to use this for future films like Harry Potter 6, Hellboy 3, or Elvis and James 3: Ang Pagbabalik ng Badodokap.

If you can remember Hugh Grant’s words to Julia Roberts in Natinghil, I’m just a boy… blah blah blah. I’m that boy.



I’m embarrassed whenever I read or even buy a copy of FHM. I usually read it alone. And no, I don’t read it for the pictures. I read the articles.



Please do believe me.

You don’t want to? Screw you.

Moving on…

If reading it is embarrassing enough, let’s give an example for more embarrassing FHM-related stuff. The snail mail fans… I’m still at awe whenever I read the first part of the magazine.


I really don’t get it. Regarding men (and boys), what is your problem? Are you that pathetic? You’re boasting your FHM collection? Do you know what you’ll get in the future? More FHM and no life…

How about the women (and girls) who show their stuff (bumper and booties)? Why? Why are you doing that? I don’t get it. You show your wares in a men’s magazine and you still want respect.

(Breathe in. Breathe out.)


Due to these guys who collect FHM and take their picture with all their magazines, I am officially going to collect Cosmopolitan or Pregnancy magazines and then I’m going to take my picture with all my collection.

I’m serious with this one.


~ by targrod on July 5, 2008.

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