Of scaree.

I’m looking for the perfect scary movie.

(O Em Gee, another movie entry? Do you really have a life? Uhm… no)

The last time I flinched was Feng Shui and before that was Shutter. And that’s it.

Kick-ass scary films were made during the 80’s. Let me see, there’s the first few Shake, Rattle, and roll series, Halimaw Sa Banga, Poltergeist II, one of stories in Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang, Takot Ako Eh, etc.

I’m tired of monsters, deformities, mythical creatures, and extra-terrestials. I’m also tired of the supernatural such as ghosts, lost spirits, playing with the third eye, astral travel, etc. I need something new and fresh.

Or maybe I’m just aware that the supernatural is real. I can see them everyday.

Just two months ago, my and I made our own exorcism at home. There was this bad spirit who stayed at my parent’s room. My father is not much of a believer (as well as millions of Filipinos who doesn’t believe in the supernatural) unlike my mom and I who always talk about these things whenever we experience it.

So, who the hell are we to exorcise our house? Well, we own the place. They have no right to make our home their territory. We have to show them that we own the place and they have to coexist with us or else (yeah, we did the or else part). We even have a guardian at home (If that entity doesn’t exist, I might as well not exist too. See previous posts regarding the breaking and entering of our house).

One thing we should all have. A strong spirit and belief in God… Wait, that’s two things.

Going back to the topic… Please bring me a scary story. I’m not even afraid of death. So, what does that leaves me?

Aahh… A scary movie would be a scandal with Mahal and Jimbo getting it on.

(Remember Mahal’s nude video? Shiver me timberrrr.)


I will definitely watch Mamma Mia the movie. I love musicales.


Here’s a sure fire way of killing a dangerous conversation (or make it a hostile conversation).

Don’t you just hate it when people are arguing over some petty es eyts ay ti? I mean the first person will say that this is better because blah blah blah. Now, the other one will say “Hey mine is better”.

Repeat the paragraph above until proven guilty err… I mean until you get irked.

If irking happen, just say the magic words “Wala kayo sa lolo ko…”

Thank you TVJ for this nice learning not just for us but for the whole humanity. I absolutely salute you.

I’ll throw in some medals but earning these days is hard.


Did you feel the earthquake… times two?


~ by targrod on July 6, 2008.

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