Of gaya-gaya kay Aqua.

As a taxpayer, it hurts to see our “honest” politicians with how they do their work.

Just because something is sensational, it doesn’t mean that it is an automatic inquiry. I forgot but just months ago there was this issue, I’m not sure if it is non-political but automatically they were all shouting senate inquiry.

Now, I remember. It wasn’t months but just weeks ago. It is regarding Ces Drilon’s kidnapping.

I don’t get it. They make the issue bigger. But do we get results? We had more than a dozen senate inquiries already and all were just a waste of time. It would be nice if they were using their own pockets for these occurrences. But no, they are using Juan Dela Cruz’s hard-earned money.

Isn’t that shitty?


There’s this one politician that I can say is full of air. You know Escudero (Oohh, I can just hear the millions of Filipinos who hate me by now because they believed and voted for this person)? Yes, the Cheese guy.

For me, he is just a mouth in politics. That’s it. That’s what he’s good at, being a contra-pelo. I haven’t heard this guy give praises to anyone. He loves to challenge everyone to the point that he’s not helping. How can we respect someone who earns a living this way? I love politicians who don’t talk much but give us good laws.

I remember a few weeks ago, Miriam was berating her co-senators. Escudero was really serious in fighting back Miriam. In short… “pinatulan”. I loved Lacson’s answer though.

Now, if I can just remember what happened during the time these were broadcast?

Maybe if I listened to Aqua’s Turn Back Time, something might happen.

Oh, wait. It’s an old song. What Turn Back Time? I do know the lyrics of Low, Tagalog version.


Yuck. Serious.


A CNN reporter interviewed the president (or the high-inquisitor or whatever) of Atlantis. And the president was excited with the interview.

Reporter: Hello Mr. President, I heard you’re fond of the television. And from what I’ve heard you can only get signals from our country, the U.S. of A.

President: Oh yes. You are definitely, absolutely right human. I watch your television a lot of times and I’m impressed with the way humans are living right now. Though, I’m planning to dole out some of my wealth for the humans in your region. It looks like your country is poor and it would be nice if they are fed.

Reporter: Uhm, sir President we really don’t need the donation but it would be nice if you can share with us. Maybe it will help the Unicef children.

President: I’m aware of the Unicef children. In fact, I took 500 of them under my care. I heard you have an American named Michael who loves children too.

Reporter: Uhm, I guess television is really inspiring you sir with what you’re doing. But I’m sure you are somehow wrong with what you’re getting. We are well fed and we have the fattest people in the world. Since television is the medium that affects your decision, kind president can you tell me what channel you’re watching most of the time?

President: Fashion tv.


~ by targrod on July 7, 2008.

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