Of schwoi.

Schwoi. I miss college.

The word schwoi is derived from two words. Psst and hoy. Schwoi. Sounds foreign? Well, I’m foreign like a Dalmatian and a Terrier. What more can I say?

I was reading our forums during college. It was solely for people in our organization (It was then called Office of Student Activities, I’m not sure if it is still alive, and we were called Junior Administrative Staff or JAS for short. We also call it Just Another Slave since it is true. So there.)

As I’ve said, I was reading through the pages and it felt like a blast from the past. Non-stop hiritan. Stupid ideas. And so-en eherm so on and so forth.

I love our days in the office. We talk about chisims all day. We pair people. We play indoor games such as taguan and black 1-2-3 (so you think this is serious? Seriously, we play Killer-police, Mafia, and some brain games such as Black Magic; I’ll talk more about this in the future).

We watch movies during Fridays. We drink in one of our friend’s condo (honestly, I don’t drink. So what’s your point?). We plan gimiks and as usual, I can’t come to out of town activities for obvious reasons (I had a curfew during college, may angal?).

We plan post-celebration parties for the UAAP. We usher major celebrations. We plan an annual activity such as the freshmen orientation and we go ga-ga during the basaan sessions, post freshmen orientation.

We meet new people annually. We make new friends (and gain unwanted friends). We grow with the decisions that were given to us. We learned how to be strong and how to get rid of that ridiculous stage freight.

That was college for me. I can’t say that I gave much to the organization. I was still young and didn’t know what to do. I had no direction. Thanks to Dek for “pushing” me to this organization.

And I will not forget the corny sessions. We had the corniest of corniest jokes but we just tend to laugh at everything.

Going back with Schwoi? It is a mannerism and one way or another everyone said that with matching finger movement.

Oh, and I won’t forget the one-liners too.

“Nararamdaman mo na ba?… na mahal kita?”. Right Jonats?



Woot. It’s Eiga Sai once again. If I see you watching in Shangri-la, it means you read this or you read this from another site or you saw an ad in the mall or somebody told you to watch it with you.

I heard Linda Linda Linda is a good film. With their Waterboys counterparts, this time girls will be the lead. And no it doesn’t involve any girls or water. It involves music.


If you have the latest beerkada compilation, I’m sure you’ll see me there. The one with the Eiga Sai storyline, you just have to look for the cute one.

And that’s Glen of course.


~ by targrod on July 8, 2008.

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