Of we’re all in this together.

It looks like Disney is, again, banking on another High School Musical version. I’m getting sick and tired of them adding words for the titles and making it as a new movie, DVD, or show.

They have HSM, HSM 2, HSM sing-a-long version, HSM on ice, etc. And they have the third installment coming out soon. They also have a theme park solely for HSM in where else?

Since I’m sick and tired of these HSM’s-isms, why don’t we suggest Disney to create more HSMs.

HSM black and white version

HSM in sepia

HSM 20 years from now (Sharpey is officially a hoe. Smile)

HSM bollywood style

HSM and the Half-blood Prince

HSM in drag

HSM improv

HSM ala Lord of the Flies

HSM massacre

HSM animation (of course)

HSM without music (HS na to pag ganun)

HSM in radio

HSM XXX (no, it’s not porn. It’s the 30th installment. But wait there’s more; don’t we have a “20 years from now” version? Let’s do this in porn instead)

HSM magazine (I think this is available already)

HSM cereal

HSM news

HSM late show

HSM comics (remember Saved By The Bell comics?)

HSM dubbed and subtitled

HSM alternate universe version

How about you? What’s your HSM version?


Heeeeey. Why are you bashing (we have our own version of bashing. You position yourself like a cowboy and you make your hands shoot as if you’re in a showdown and you say the words “bashin’ bashin’”. Corny? Right?) HSM?

I heart Vanessa Hudgens.



I’m not sure if Gaiman’s Anansi is a guy. He should make the name to a she. Why?

Anansi Drew (digidig tsss).



Here’s a nice site for the roaming mind.

It’s not a funny site. http://www.damninteresting.com

They have articles on SARS, smart horses, and the cola wars during the 80’s (?).

I got this site from Lyndon Gregorio, my boyfriend. Bwahaha. Lei is gonna kill me.


~ by targrod on July 9, 2008.

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