Of buk.

My mother once told her friend that when I was a child, what she did was she’d leave me in a bookstore and she’ll go on do her grocery shopping.

What a parent. She left me there all alone. What if someone kidnaps me?

I’m just joking.

Anyhoo, as I’ve said she’d leave me in a bookstore, I’ll open a book and I’ll stay there for minutes (maybe for hours) reading.

I lost that touch when I was growing up, maybe due to the fact that the money for the children’s books ends up with my tuition. Though, my father is really a reader. He once filled up a shop near our village which he sold the books that he read through the years (let me see, it mostly consists of action books such as Nick Carter (was it really Nick Carter? I believe he’s a backstreet boy. Basta, some author with Nick as a first name. He’s not a sci-fi person like me). My mom is a reader too; she reads mostly Harold Robbins and/or Sidney Sheldon books.

So, I can proudly say (not much) that I am a reader too. Simple logic, my parents read. I read.

Seriously, I was always in the library when I was young (from elementary to high school). Since sport wasn’t my friend I always end up in the library. I’ll borrow these easy to read books. The thing is I really don’t remember (for now) the titles of the books I read when I was in my elementary years. High school came and I’m still a library slave. You can berate me on this one but I’m proud that I’ve read different books of Nancy Drew. The Hardy Boys didn’t really affect me much. I’ll spend my whole lunch hours (there came a time when I didn’t spend my money on food but that’s another story) reading Nancy Drew books. She was my hero.

This post, though, is not about Nancy Drew. So, the hell with her… Again, I’m joking… Not.

Through all the Nancy Drew mix up, once in my life I happen to see Carroll’s book. I read it even with its heavy English (I studied in Don Bosco and English is not really our thing there. Maybe if Alice in Wonderland is written in one’s and zero’s I might be able to fully remember each part of the book) and that’s why up until now I still don’t remember the middle part of the book (I think, I thought, I’ve written this already. Whoo Dedyabu).

And due to all the bisyo for the growing teen, books were eventually forgotten.

College came and the books that I have were easy to read such as two Make Your Own Adventure books, Hardy Boys special ghost edition, some joke books, mad related books, more useless magazines (nba and wizard), and lots-a comics. I ended up with these literatures. I’m not embarrassed though. I loved reading visual art. I know the hardcore reader will really make a debate right here, right now. So, screw you.

Harry Potter came out. Thanks to my rich classmates (aaahh… the wonders of friendship) I was able to borrow a copy or two of those high-falluting HP books. I was hooked with it despite the fact that I don’t own any of the books. Still, the readership in me came back.

Then Lord of the Rings came out. God, it was after college when it came back again. I didn’t expect that these books had this type of writing. I painstakingly read the three books. I even planned on completing the whole Tolkien works. I started with The Silmarillion… and then I left reading and went back to my life.

I’ve read a book or two or three after that. I went on with my movie ways.

Then this year, after reading Mr. Norrell (holy sanabagan book) I started reading again. I should’ve done this last year though especially when there’s free time at work.

Like Pokemon’s gotta catch ‘em all, gotta-catch-up-reading-once-again. Whew.


In connection with all of these, I have a habit of reading the book first before watching it on the big screen. That’s the sole reason why I read the LOTR trilogy. Exception to the rule are the dark is rising, lemony snicket’s, and the spiderwick chronicles. I’m not keen on buying those books anymore. Oh and Stardust too.

Since I have this habit, I’ll start reading The Hobbit (aaa, kaya nyo yun. Smart ko no? bwahahaha). I believe it’s already in the works.

I believe Guillermo De Toro’s gonna direct or produce the film.

Cast includes mini-me, the little guy in Jackass, the old lady in Poltergeist, Danny Devito, and would you believe Dagul, Mahal, and Mura are included in the cast.


~ by targrod on July 10, 2008.

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