Of wow.

If you want to be an effective host all you have to do is to tune in to channel two from Monday to Saturday. Wait for Game Ka Na Ba to end and watch Wowowee. Watch Wowowee from the start to end. Remember everything the Willie Revillame is doing as a host. Just remember each teeny-weeny part of it. Take down notes if you want. You can also tape it for better memory-help. Don’t forget the part where he interacts with the contestant include that too. And check out previous Revillame video in Youtube such as the one where he blurted out his feelings for Joey De Leon.

After doing what I’ve said, do the opposite.

Maybe that’s the reason why Wowowee has no charm for me. I just don’t like it when the contestants are treated as bastards on national television. It doesn’t matter if you belong to the lowest class or the highest class of society; you deserve to be treated with respect. You are a human being after all. Or as what scientist say, Homo Sapien (but everybody knows this already so there’s no point of reading the part after I’ve said ‘You are a human being after all’. Too late.)

I’d rather watch MTB, Willie was there but we all know that he had co-hosts (hosts that know how to be a host). Unlike now where they get a who-the-hell-are-you celebrity and place them on the spot. I remember they took Bj Manalo for the hosting job, he sucked… big time.

And that’s why Eat Bulaga still has the appeal. I’m not saying that Eat Bulaga is goody-goody with everything. I just hate Willie’s style.

Bring back Kalatog Pinggan or Student Canteen!


Hosting is an art. Like being an actor or singing. It is not easy. You must really be qualified in all aspects. You really don’t need to be MENSA smart. You just have to be intelligent and witty enough for the audience. Or else they’ll end up bored and they’ll take out their cellphone and play Sudoku (in my case) or Jai Alai or Cluedo.

I remember my first encounter with a host. I was a contestant then. Kris was preggy during those times? She was like a subtle angry bull. Despite her vulturistic values, I was able to brush her off and took on her next victim.

Though I still like Kris’ hosting skills, compared with Edu I like him better. He is nice even when the camera is off.


I had a fare share of hosting stints. I’m sure I’m not good. But they still get me. I was able to host a couple of weddings, debut, and parties. I always joked that they really don’t have a budget for a host, that’s the reason why they make me a host.

The most memorable was when my choir-mate had her wedding during the day of the Milenyo storm. The wedding managed to push through and we all were haggard during the time of the reception. The whole choir usually does the planning for their choir-mate that includes the setup of the church, what songs to sing, the singing itself, the program, etc. I think this is quite long already.

It was memorable because I fell off the ledge of the presidential table. The ledge was quite high, maybe around two feet in height. I fell on my back. This was during the photo-ops with the newly weds. The program wasn’t finished yet. I still continued my “job”.


Also, have you happen to watch the game shows at night? At first, I hated Jayme (or is it Jaymee, Jayme sounds like a man). The title of her show is Gamez Update Live. She had to act every word of the title. I just hate the part where she goes sexy when she says Live. It’s stupid. In fairness, I think she’s doing a good job during nights.

Now, tune in to channel 5 and they conquered the same format as channel two. And there’s this girl who mystifies… eherm… no, makes me freak out. I’m still trying to find the right words whenever I see her. She’s so bossy with the viewers. She’s like the trainer in Full Metal Jacket. I just don’t like her.

So shoot me.


~ by targrod on July 11, 2008.

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