Of ampalaya jam.

I think we’re all tired of the usual heavy traffic. Imagine the supposedly twenty minute drive to the office. It always ends up from one hour to two hours the most. Well, ever since I was young traffic is really heavy. I haven’t experienced the time when the biyahe was fast. Though, traffic is easier during vacation.

Let’s not lift the color coding scheme (or the number scheme. Up until now I still don’t know how the color coding scheme works. Is it possible that there are days when red plaka’s will have to wear green instead? Aaahh… that would be nice. They will feel the wrath of a traffic jam). I think I’ve said this before; they are planning to lift the scheme. Please, no.

Follow the simple traffic rules. C’mon, I believe ninety five percent of all drivers out there passed the LTO exam with flying colors. I remember the time when I got my first driver’s license. They gave you the questionnaire with an answer sheet. And there’s an additional paper inserted the answer key. Oh-kay… (mali-mali naman yung ibang mga sagot). In connection with that, educate the driver. Though it’s a matter of teaching the ignorant versus survival of the “needy”.

Motorcycles… they should all die. =) Seriously, mr. motorcycle driver, you are not born as daredevils. We have rules on the street mister. You don’t own the street. I do hope they change our rules. The last time I heard no matter who is at fault, the motorcycle driver always wins. But if mr. motorcycle driver dies, I guess it is obvious who is the winner (yung sausage?).

Truck ban… I think this is quite obvious. I do believe that trucks should be allowed during the wee hours of the morning. I mean, given a Saturday and they will lift the truck ban. What will happen to the madlang people? Tell me. They’d rather stay home and watch Coney Reyes on Camera (then probably Tarajingpotpot).

Better traffic scheme… I don’t know if the U-turn slots made by MMDA are working. I haven’t driven a car for months already. And it doesn’t seem sweet when you’re leading to a U-turn slot barrier. If we could just make ramps from those barriers, we’ll be making some televised Jackass money.

MMDA… So simple, please, no corruption and better services. I know, I know they’re paid less than the usual shit but hello? That’s their job. Deal with it. It would also be nice if the MMDA people are articulate with regards to driving. (I’m so conotic with this one, my apologies).

Sale from malls… I don’t know how we can fix this. We are humans and we are free to choose on what we want to do. And I still don’t know how to fix this. How about increasing your parking fee? I think it will just be a fair trade since they are having a sale. So that vehicles would just have to park from the nearby neighbors of any of these malls.

Time for offices… I think this is a factor too. Imagine, everyone should be in the office, let’s say, by eight in the morning. Do the math (If you can’t do math, ask someone near you who knows how to do math).

Lastly, I’ll stop the rain. When it rains it pours it creates traffic.

There are other reasons why we have traffic jams, I guess all of us can contribute even if it is small (like when you see a motorcycle approaching, open your doors quickly… bam!).


Noooo!!!! I forgot my flash drive in the office.

La lang.

Sharing… Sharing in the city.


~ by targrod on July 12, 2008.

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