Of the after day.

I’m a M. Night fan. I can’t say I am right now but I loved his films. The suspense-stricken The Sixth Sense, the ‘this-is-really-a-title-of-a-song’ Unbreakable, the slow but I really liked plot-twist The Village, and the out of this world Lady in the Water.

I find Signs sucky. Maybe I’m tired of aliens (remember my post with Indy IV?) as a plot ending.

I even loved the M. Night documentary that I wasn’t able to finish. It was shown in HBO.

Now, we have The Happening. Ooo-kay, so that’s the title? I read in wiki that there was a previous title for this but they didn’t use it. It was green something. Maybe, the title was too leading that’s why they changed it (and that includes some minor changes in the script).

So, The Happening… They should’ve named it the Disco or the Party instead. C’mon. The Happening. When you go to the Philippines and ask ‘pare, san ang happening?’, you’ll point it in an area with a party. And The Happening is no party. People die.

I’ve seen this movie a few weeks back (me thinks its last week). It was okay but not as impressive as M. Night’s previous movies. Maybe the explanation for the deaths is somehow lacking in explanation (hehe). Anyhoo, I do hope he makes it up for his future movies. I heard he’s working on Avatar and another movie that I can’t remember since there’s no IMDB by my side.

And please change your name Mr. Night. It has been hard for me to say your last name and even type it. I have a suggestion; Endey would be a nice last name. It sounds very foreign. =)


If you’ve missed watching Qtv’s ‘Ang Pinaka’ last Sunday (that’s Jooly a-trese), here’s the list. Topic is ’10 Best Places to Live in the Philippines’:

10. Bacolod

9. Sta. Rosa, Laguna

8. Manila

7. Iloilo

6. Marikina

5. Baguio

4. Makati

3. Davao

2. Puerto Prinsesa

1. Cebu

I’ve never been to number seven, three and two. I wasn’t really paying attention to the episode on how they’ve based the results or whatever. And I am willing to go to the places I haven’t been anytime. If only air flights are cheap.


Oh, and Speed Racer the movie is nice (going to acceptable range). The male lead and his sweetheart don’t look like a couple.

And Get Smart. “Spoilers” This is probably the third time I’ve seen Dwayne as an antagonist (this time, he’s the surprise plot twits ho-hum antagonist). The other two were The Scorpion King and Doom. There’s Be Cool (or Be Smart?) too but he’s just so cute in that movie. Ha-ha! Did I miss any other movie?


Why is it that anime songs are sssoooo dance-able. It makes me want to get up and dance whenever I listen to Samurai X’s opening song.

Bwahahaha. Stupid.

~ by targrod on July 15, 2008.

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