Of one those useless post.

I’ve wanted to talk about music videos for a long time. I just don’t know where to start.

Way back in high school, cable television was still a luxury. Local channels weren’t showing mainstream music videos. Usually I’ll see the old usual few local music videos. There’s E-heads, Rivermaya, Novia, and much less (?).

I love watching music videos when I was young especially when they made mtv and v available to everyone. It was 1997 when I got hooked on mtv. Up until midnight I kept on watching these videos. Even if they tend to repeat (for approximately 5 times a day, I’m just joking I really don’t know the answer to this one) you’d still want to watch these works of art (hehe).

I always go for wacky music videos. Whenever there’s drama, I usually do something else. If I want drama in my music video, I’d watch Magnifico or Pay It Forward instead.

And mtv (for me) was big back then. Do you remember Naja Hutagalung and Jaime (read as Jay-mee. Am I right?)? Were you waiting for the latest Artist of the Month? Did you mimically-dance what you see in the music videos? Did you scream your lungs out whenever you see the music video of Mmmbop and All I have to give (smile!)?


I still go to these music channels. I usually go to Myx so I can sing along with my favorite songs such as Low, Breaking Free, and the latest Sheryn Regis song (did you know that she remade one of Donna Cruz’s songs last year? Astig).

There’s this certain video nowadays that makes me quirky happy. Weezer’s Pork and Beans.

So, who the hell is Weezer? They are a power pop, alternative rock band born in the early 90’s (that’s right, grunge time). They have these kick ass funny songs that when you listen to it, it’ll eventually be part of your life (yuck, I can’t think of a good phrase here).

There’s Buddy Holly, The Sweater Song (oh, won’t you destroy my sweater!!!), Say It Isn’t So (wo-u-wo), Keep Fishing (muppets rule), and my oh so favorite Island In The Sun (yeah I know it’s a remake, may angal?)

Now, Pork and Beans is their latest single. The video is really awesome. What they did was they got these Internet (Youtube is one of the sources, I think) personalities and invited them to join the video. Not just personalities but Internet fads such as the Menthos and Sprite (?) jet soda.

I do hope the Cebu bilibid was invited too.

Oh well, I’ll stick with these prisoners dancing Crank That Soulja Boy.



~ by targrod on July 17, 2008.

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