Of life’s cheap thrills.

Don’t we just love cheap stuff? It’s the cheap stuff that says something of course. Not those things like your usual gulay and prutas. Or the usual white stuff in the street. Not shabu though, the white stuff you use for the perspiring kili-kili. Yup, that one.

Just yesterday (this might be posted days after, I hope you get the rift. Not the guitar!) I bought this baso from Mcdonalds. It has five designs natured with this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing. Designs include basketball, swimming, archery, athletics, volleyball, and piko (I think piko is not there… I swear I saw something with piko).

It changes color too! You just have to pour your favorite drink and place it on top of a colored tile. Let’s say the tile is green, your drink is green too! (the baso is made from semi-glass by the way)

It’s magic!

I did use this “joke” for two days already. The power of magic!!!

Going back, the baso costs twenty pesos only. Buy their value meal, add twenty pesos and voila, you have your magic baso. I got one yesterday and today I got another one. And during the afternoon my officemates wanted around six more baso! When somebody went to Mcdo and got back, he told everyone that the baso went out of stock and it will be back on Monday.

(On Monday, if you add fourty pesos instead of twenty, after the baso you’ll get an additional pustiso of your favorite Mcdonald mascot. I’d take Hetty’s pustiso of course. Waaaiiitt, Hetty? Oh… Champ.)


I remember a few years back when people go loco over the 101 Dalmatians. Man, Mcdo went happy with their happy meals. And the time came when the collectors themselves went straight to the managers and asked for the missing dog.

Imagine, went loco over a non-biodegradable dog. If you were the collector, you’d probably think about it right now and ask yourself, “What the hell I was thinking? These dogs can’t even guard our house.”

What if Mcdonalds sponsored the movie 300? Imagine that, over 300 topless Spartans to collect. You have to collect the 300 action figures in a span of a month (remember that they change their toy-line every month.)

And if I may add, the last Spartan has an extra bonus, a DVD of Super-size Me.


Aaahh.. Life’s kababawan. Mababaw but fun.


~ by targrod on July 18, 2008.

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