Of a wondering stupid.

Isn’t it weird when guys do SMS-ing with small phones they tend to raise their pinky fingers?

Isn’t it weird that we don’t have a magazine named For Her Magazine but women do read For Him Magazine?

Isn’t it weird that when we order flavored (tea or softdrink) drinks in a fast food we always get more ice than the ordered beverage?

Isn’t it weird that despite the claims of many people that they don’t want to listen to the Tagalized version of Low, Smack That, and Umbrella, we still want to listen to it even at least once?

Isn’t it weird that Lobo was somehow a hit even though that we all know that Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin aren’t even bagay?

Isn’t it weird that despite the soaring oil prices and the claim of MMDA’s ten percent decline of the vehicle population, we still have heavy traffic during rush hour?

Isn’t it weird that we’re really tired of Regine Velasquez and the reason why we’re watching Kim Samsoon is due to Eugene’s comedic talents?

Isn’t it weird that when we had earthquakes this past week we automatically believed in those forwarded prophecies by some Pilosopong Tasyo?

Isn’t it weird that women are willing to pose for these sexy magazines and (as I’ve said before) demand respect?

Isn’t it weird that instead of letting us watch Pacquaio’s fight free instead we have to pay for a live viewing or wait for a million and one commercials before we finally see the last round?

Isn’t it weird that there is a possibility that the crooked will make-pilit Pacquaio to run for the presidency?

Isn’t it weird that employees complain of their salary despite the number of times that they slack around in the office, use the Internet for their own usage, or sleep during office hours?

Isn’t it weird that we tend to spend much more than our shopping budget every time we see sale in a mall?

Isn’t it weird that all of a sudden we are at war with our friends (that didn’t come from the same school) during the college basketball season?

Isn’t it weird that all of us have our own favorite boy band or girl band song?

Isn’t it weird that just ten years ago we were happy with the speed of a 56K modem?

Isn’t it weird that we easily believed with the hoax-able tooth in a glass of cola myth trivia?

Isn’t it weird that I’ve just wasted my time writing these even though that most of these are not true and created because I’m not doing anything?


Finally, got copies of the ff. movies…

Marx Brothers’ Animal Crackers & Horse Feathers


The Wicker Man (the original version)

Night Watch and Day Watch (part three daw yung Geym-en Watch)

Donnie Darko (finally!!!!!!)


The Usual Suspects

Young Guns

The Elephant Man

Lust / Caution


WWND = What would Nostradamus do?


~ by targrod on July 20, 2008.

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