Of a question for the young.

It is really hard when you’re trying to think of something and you just get a bunchful of nothing.


I think they/we should stop asking the kid question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question is stupid, me think.

Think about it. At a young age, adults will always ask you this ultimate question and all you can answer are occupations that you know from school and the occupation of your parents. If the kid is asked with this question the usual answers are a doctor, a fireman, a fisherman, a policeman, a fireman, a teacher or some other occupation that can easily be drawn in a children’s book.

If you think about it right now, what did you tell the asking adult? I know I didn’t say ‘to be a doctor’. I hated the sight of blood. I always end up with the job of my dad, an architect.

Now, it would be nice if kids will answer it in a more specific sense. Wouldn’t it be nice if your five-year old answer this question that he wants to be an Aeronautics Engineer? Or your daughter will blurt out ‘Nuclear Chemist’? (And at the same time, ask the kid… ‘sige nga. Spell mo nga yan)

They say high school should give you, or at least help you, direction in life. I didn’t feel it though. Or maybe it is just I.

We are in a harsh reality folks. We’ll do things we don’t like just to survive.

Still, if you have the urge to do something. Do it.

(Just like the song Do It by Spice Girls. It doesn’t have a connection with what I’m saying but it’s like the usual Pinoy film. As long as the title is included in one of the movie’s dialogues, it is fine to use it as the title)

As usual, this seems very bitin.


To make it more fun (or funner for some people-r), I’m posting the lyrics for American Gurl by Markus Highway. Marcus Adoro YR-squared (you really rocks.). These are actual lyrics… actually.

I don’t drink coffee I drink tea my dear

Only if it’s my favorite salabat tea

I also have one more favorite tea

It’s ice cold pito-pito tea

I left my princess in her air-conditioned room

Inside my castle free

I told her I only will buy some fresh fish

And a bottle of White Castle Whiskey

I miss my American Gurl (**)

I miss her big big big big big hamburger

I miss her large large french-fries too

And her bottomless ice tea to go

Matayog ang lipad ng kalapit

Ang kalapati ni Pedro

Ang gelpren nya ay nasa Japan

Si Pedro ay nasa Bacnotan

Miss please sorry thank you na (***)

Domo Gomenasai Arigato

Miss please sorry thank you na

Domo Gomenasai Arigato

Tinaga ni Lapu-lapu si Magellan

Noong 15 hundred and 21

Bumangon na sa duyan

Alas-singko y media na

Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Night

Mano po Ninong

Magandang umaga tanghali gabi

Oh how I miss you na

Repeat ** and ***

Repeat **


~ by targrod on July 23, 2008.

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