Of some shout-outs.

Sign when you’re getting old:

Instead of attending your batchmate’s debut, your batchmate’s graduation, or your batchmate’s first libre from work you instead go to their wedding, their child’s Christening, and their children’s birthday parties.

Thank God there’s no silver reunion… yet.


I remember when we had our college block reunion (lemesee, I entered college way back in that year plus a number of years… hhmm) around nine years after we first met each other; it was as if we just continued the last time we met.

There were body changes, changes in relationship, changes in status quo, changes in position in our workplaces, changes in hair, changes with how we talk, changes in the latest technological gadget, and other changes but there weren’t any much changes with the topic in our conversation.

What we talked about is what happened in college. Yes, we talked about where we are working and exchanged phone numbers (maybe calling cards, but I seldom see people use calling cards nowadays. I wonder why. I’d probably create a research on ‘Why calling cards are seldom used nowadays?’ Boo. Bad idea. Moving on…). And that’s it. Or maybe I forgot the rest of our conversation?

Aaahhh. Memory loss.

Just this week I went to another christening event (wow. The baby is really cute!). And some friends talked about our love life during college.

Congratulations by the way to the newlyweds, the post-buntis, the buntis, and the people who look like buntis but are not buntis and they were all sitting in the buntis table (hehe). You know who you are.


This entry seems kinda bitin. Oh well.


Here’s a bad site:


I find this stupid.

~ by targrod on July 24, 2008.

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