Of some stories…

Coming from an all-boys school, I had the same horrifying experience, as most guys out there, of courting a girl for the very first time. College saw everything. I was the epitome of a torpe. Seriously.

Well, there were three of us exactly in the office that I had my extra-curricular with…

I do think I had the worst of all.

Scenario one: There was this girl that I liked first in college. Her name can be adapted from a fairy tale character. Now, this girl is a high school classmate of my blockmate. Once when she took lunch with our barkada, I think I fell for her. I don’t know what to do after. There’s no such thing as a ligaw subject in school. You just listen on what other people can offer on what you need to do. And it sucks. This may sound stalker-y but I was able to grab a copy of their high school yearbook and got to look at her there. Now, I kind of asked her phone number from my blockmate. And then I tried to breathe. ‘Wow, I have the phone number, what should I do with it?’

It was as if I called on Aslan’s courage and called the girl one night.

Me: Hello? Nandyan po ba si …

Her: Oo, eto na sya.

Me: Uhm. Hi, si Jay-r to. Uhm, natatandaan mo ba ko?

Her: Uhm.. hindi eh.

Me: Ako yung blockmate ni … yung classmate mo nung high school.

Her: Wala akong kilalang ganun eh.

Me: Uhm. Ok. Sensya na nakaistorbo yata ako. Bye.


There’s a lesson here though. Never call a person if you didn’t ask the number from them.

Scenario two: Now, there’s this girl in our office that I like. Her name is probably taken from a literary art and her last name is related to a guy from a dance group (yuck, para na kong si Boy Abunda). When my friends found out that I liked this girl, they were doing the kantyaw-to-the-max thing. Now, whenever she’s in the office, I often shut up (if you knew me back then… if you only knew me). And when we we’re alone together, it was as if the silence was deafening. There was the casual hi’s and hello’s though. That’s it. Torpe kicking in.

Lesson: Relax, breathe, and talk.

Scenario three: This one’s kind of different this time around. Her nickname and last name can be related to Tado and Erning. This time I should have had that advantage. But, ohhh the big but, I wasn’t ready with the ligaw. Everyone in our office knew that I really liked her. There was this great push from everybody to make ligaw to her. The pressure was great that I really didn’t know how to handle it. I called her one night and I think the call ended after ten minutes. I didn’t know what to say. I called her again the second night. Same scenario. And then the big stupidity, I created a letter telling her that I was kind of being pressured by people or something in that sense and other senseless stuff that when I’m thinking about this right now, ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ The third time I called, we conversed for a minute; she doesn’t want to talk to me. Hey, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry if I made that stupid letter.

Bwahahah. Loser.

And the thing is, from the start, I knew that she liked me too.

I went missing in action in our office to hide my shame.

Lesson: Don’t be an effing loser.

Scenario four: I find this one the most memorable, maybe because I started to make paramdam from second year college up until graduation. When I say paramdam, it was as if I only do it once in a blue moon. Oh, her name can be derived from a Sheen brother’s past or present relationship.

First time I met her, I saw her with her blockmates near our tambayan. They left their calculus book and I instantly stood up and checked her name. Hehe. Then, after a year, she was a classmate. My blockmates were kind of building me up to her but it was no use too. So, I did was good with. Stalking. I researched her likes and even ended up with her cell phone number too. I didn’t text her though.

There was a time when my mom was making chocolates. I learned what she was doing, and I gave this girl those chocolates. And that’s it. No follow up. I think that was Christmas.

There was this time when I told her that I wanted to talk to her using her landline. I got it from her, I think. I called her from her house. His brother answered the phone. I didn’t really get it if the brother was drunk or just angry. He gave me a number but I didn’t quite get the number clear. After my conversation with the brother, I forgot how to use the telephone.

Then, there was this time when I knew she passed by our tambayan. And every time she does that, I stood up and walked her to the building. Then there was this time when she didn’t pass by the tambayan. I went to the office and met her along the office. I think this was a given. She didn’t want to see me.

Lastly, the bomb of all bombs. It was a Valentines. I think we’re in our graduating year (wait, they are in their graduating year). I did something really stupid. Background first, during Valentines, some organizations grab the opportunity to sell flowers or do silly things during Valentines. What I did then was I bought some flowers and informed the seller to send it to this classroom at this time. I was lucky to write my name in the receipt. The thing is the flowers should come from anonymous sender. After realizing my mistake, I went down to the ground floor (our floor was in the fourth) and waited for the guy who’s going to send the flowers. So, I waited and waited and gave up. I told myself; maybe they forgot to send it on time. So, I went up and when I came to the area of our classroom, everyone was looking at me weirdly. I found out that one of our classmates asked on who gave the flowers to her. Man, talk about Murphy’s Law (or was it?).

Well, at least she thanked me with the flowers though.

Lesson: …


Most guys get immune with rejection when they get old.

Isn’t college fun?


~ by targrod on July 26, 2008.

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