Of blah-blah-blecch sheep.

I miss Lito Camo songs.

C’mon don’t you?

Is there a radio station that plays the following songs, over and over?

Spageti Song

Ye Ye Vonel

Ocho Ocho

___________ à add here your favorite LC song.

I even miss songs made by April Boy Regino. Like ‘Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin’ for instance.

I miss the old 93.9 station. It was DWKC. Our school service driver would always listen to this station when we go to school (and vice versa). This is only the radio station that I was well aware of. I didn’t care with other forms of music. I wasn’t really a music lover then.

That’s why my mom was surprised when there’s this song by Lloyd Umali being played in The Singing Bee and I got the song right.

La lang…

There’s Love Radio, et al though.

Music. Myuuu-sssiccc.

“Alam mo na yan!”


What is Wall-E’s last name?


Get it? Jose and Wall-E?



Rico Maierhofer (of the DLSU Archers) was asked with the following question: Who would top your list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World?

His answer was: Top three ko: Sarah Geronimo, Angel Locsin, and Maja Salvador! Sana imbitahin naman ninyong mag-cover si Sarah Geronimo soon. Crush ko kasi siya. I like the way she sings, acts, and her looks. Her simplicity makes her so pretty.


Oookay. It’s not right. Really. Or maybe it’s just me.

In fairness, she fared as number 45 in this years FHM list.


I will watch A Very Special Love.



This one is a waste of Internet Bandwidth.

~ by targrod on July 27, 2008.

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