Of remarkably useless.

Just something to think about…

If ever you order food via delivery and your total bill is a peso less than their delivery limit, will they still push through with the order?

So, what’s your point?


Is pressure food too? We cook rice from a rice cooker and pressure cooker is…


Some doodling and poeming in my planner…

I promise

I’ll be kind

I do hope

You don’t mind

I know

God will help me

It’s hard

Optimism can make me


I have nothing to write

I’m not the owner of the night

Oh yes, this is just right

Right here waiting for the night

I just have to be awake

How much more can I take

I don’t know how to bake

Writing here is like a mistake


O February, my February

You came to a past

March is coming

It is here at last

I never yonder

I never wonder

Life could ponder

This great mind bender


Don’t let me damp your bubble

I might get you into trouble


Peter picked a peppered dog

Cautiously changing a chagrin cat

Never a navy newscaster

Baskin’ and bakin’ a bold bat


Towards this life

Driving in a half-turn pike

Still fighting for the fight

You still know you didn’t like




~ by targrod on July 29, 2008.

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