Of it should be eight.

Some end of the month movie reviews, my version.

Shutter sucks.

Semi-pro is okay but it’s too bastos for a Will Ferrell film.

Atonement is predictable.

Horton Hears A Who is amusing.

Faust is old-school. I finally understood what this film is.

Clive Barker’s The Plague is stupid. Was this taken from a graphic novel?

21 is impressive. Kate Bosworth is not that pretty in this film though.

The Firm is good. Tom Cruise!!!! I heart Papa Tom.

Be Kind Rewind has heart. Despite bad reviews, I wub it. 2001: Space Odyssey!

Get Smart is ho-hum. Thank God for Steve Carrell.

Speed Racer is so-so. The main bida are not bagay though (I think I’ve reviewed this?)

Underfunded is Canadian. Finally, I was able to complete the movie.

Wanted is awesin-awesome (hey… I can’t do any F words here…).

Donnie Darko is God. Indie-utiful. Is it?

The Eye is Zzzz. Jessica Alba didn’t affect much. Stop remakes!

Elephant Man has heart. Sweet David Lynch. The 2nd Lynch film I’ve seen.

Memento is a time-turner. It’s memorable. 2nd time I’ve seen this.

The Wicker Man is shocking. I wasn’t expecting some pervasive scenes.

Southland Tales is great. I really liked it.

Wall-E is yey. Robot rules!

Stargate Continuum continues from the continued ‘to be continued’.

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is quite funny. And Adam in full monty is not happy.

The Machine Girl really rocks! B-movie at its best.

The Love Guru is fine. Very Mike Myers.

Havoc is unnatural. Yeah.

Bedazzled is so old school. Moore than you’ll ever know.

Made Of Honor is stupid. Used formula.

Young Guns is crazy. Charlie Sheen what happened to you?

Clue is everlasting.

Day Watch. Finally. I’ve finally seen an understandable version.

Clash Of The Titans has a cute robotic owl.

Masked Rider The Movie is nostalgic.

The Fly is really frightening.

The Apartment has that last minute wub.

The Usual Suspects. Msyteriffic.

Terms Of Endearment is ok.



The Dante Club is very interesting. I wasn’t expecting myself reading the book in a favorite phase. I read it for four days, I think (I was expecting it to be like Jonathan Strange. I finished that book for months).

The book is all about Dante’s Divine Comedy and the protagonists were 19th century poets and writers such as Longfellow (pun not included).

Before finishing the book I was able read a preview of the Divine Comedy. And that book is one hell (pun included) of a read. If you’re not familiar with the Divine Comedy, the seven deadly sins’ ideas are all in here.

And I’m sure Pareng Caligula walks throughout the hell phase for years and years (and some other Romans that should still be paying their dues).


And yes, TMZ is sinful too. The problem is I want to watch the celebrities’ disasters, bad reactions, and etc. I try to walk away (I mean change channel) whenever the show is on. A show about the miseries of celebrities, very humane.


Today’s playlist:

–=I swear you bumped your bootie when you heard these for the very first time=–

Shaggy – Oh Carolina

Snow – Informer

Right Said Fred – Don’t Talk Just Kiss

Black Machine – How Gee

Apache Indian – Raggamuffin Girl

Shaggy – Boombastic

Ace Of Base – It’s A Beautiful Life

P.S.Y. – Angelina

Apache Indian – Boom Shakalaka

Mighty Dub Cats – Magic Carpet Ride

C&c Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

The Bucketheads – The Bomb

Streetboys – God Save The Queen

Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You

**NOTE: Apache Indian and Shaggy both have two songs in the list.


~ by targrod on July 30, 2008.

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