Of not-worth-reading.

One morning, while riding a trike, I saw a dog that looks just like our dog missing for more than fifteen years ago.

Background story is we had a dog. His name was Keempee (yes, named after Joey’s child. We even had a dog named after her daughter. Yeah, hologs). One night when we were calling Keempee to come home… nothing happened. We tried looking for him but we weren’t able to find him.

Days passed then weeks then we didn’t really give up with the search but we just waited.

Up until now we are still waiting for our dog. He was really special. It felt like he was a person trapped in a dog’s body.

We expected some canine enthusiasts dognapped him and then ate him.


Anyhoo, as I was saying, I saw a dog that looked like our dog in our village. I felt something weird. It felt that I knew that dog’s father…

It was lukso ng dugo!



Try this one. It’s not that accurate but for me, it’s worth a try.

Click Ipersonic to start and I love the word Spontaneous. A very fart-ing word.



Corni-isms galore…

Tanong: Sinong singer ang namimigay ng libreng apa?

Sagot: Si Missy Elliot (kasi Get Your Freak On)

Tanong: Sinong artista ang maraming ngipin?

Sagot: E di si Mateeth.

Tanong: Anong tawag sa labanan ng mga bulate?

Sagot: Eh di Combat Rin!

Tanong: Anong tawag sa madugas na alahas?

Sagot: Eh di Dayamond!

Tanong: Anong hayop ang nilalagyan?

Sagot: Bug

Tanong: Anong hayop ang sumasabog?

Sagot: Turtle Kasi Pa-Gong!

Tanong: Anong banda ang kinukulang sa lubid?

Sagot: Metallica

Tanong: Anong banda ang kinukulang sa tinta?

Sagot: Incubus

Tanong: Anong tawag sa mga taong nagbabantay sa Mcdo?

Sagot: McGuard

Tanong: Anong tawag sa kulay pulang pasta na makakain sa Mcdo?

Sagot: Mc Aroni

Tanong: Ano ang first name ni Sisa???


Sagot: E di Lita


Kasi pitsa pitsa

Tanong: Ano ang first name ni Mcgyver?

Sagot: E d Menemis

Tanong: ano ang tawag sa lalaking hamburger?

Sagot: eh di hamburBOY!!!! hehehehe

Tanong: anong tawag sa noodles na mabilis?

Sagot: sopas

Tanong: anong tawag sa mas mabilis sa sopas?

Sagot: e di pasta!

Tanong: ano ang sabi ng baka nang muntik syang mabangga ng kotse?

Sagot: eh di… BEEF BEEF!

Tanong: anong game ang matagal laruin?

Sagot: eh di BOGGLE!

Tanong: ano ang tawag kay alvin patrimonio pag lumipat sya sa ginebra?


Tanong: ano sinabi ng ninja turtles nang may isang batang nabundol ng kotse?


Tanong: eh nung nagluto sila ng sinigang?

Sagot: AWE-SIM!

Tanong: eh bakit hindi natanggap si Pong Pagong sa ninja turtles?

Sagot: kasi nung audition nya, imbes na sumigaw sya ng COWABANGA, sumigaw sya ng WEEEEEEEE!!!


Chong. Korni na naman?

~ by targrod on July 31, 2008.

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