Of G. Chronicles #1.

I watched ‘Anatomiya ng Korupsyon’ (was that really the title? I really can’t remember.) in CCP waaay back in college. It was a comedic play and I enjoyed it. We watched it in the Nicanor Abelardo room (I really can’t decipher if it was named as this. I think the point is there already so no need to do any ellipses anymore, and it feels like that I’m writing a reaction paper. bwahahaha).

From what I learned in my history class, Nicanor Abelardo is our national pride in terms of arts. I’m not really sure but he made some songs way back when our parents were born. These are the classics. Just like Balagtas.

Years ago I bought this compilation of Kenkoy (our komik icon) entitled ‘Album ng Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy’. There was this song there titled ‘Mga Tugtugin ni Kenkoy, tugtugin ni Nicanor Abelardo’. I was surprised when I read this part. I didn’t know that Kenkoy’s creator and Nicanor Abelardo knew each other (or maybe they were the best of friend’s ala Ogie and Janno).

Did you know that Mr. Nicanor Abelardo create songs when he was drunk?

Nicanor Abelardo is the first cousin of Santiago Gamboa. Santiago is the father of Perseo Gamboa, Sr. Perseo is my mom’s dad.


Since my grandparents have moved on, the only person I can ask about these things is my mother (or the direct descendants of the person mentioned above, I don’t know who they are though. Will the real Slim Shady please raise your right hand?).

I’m in a ‘nanghihinayang’ mood though. Nicanor’s original handwritten binded work was passed down to us. The sad part is all those works went into flames when my mom’s house burned down in Andalucia, Manila (they also had this book by Alan Cardin, I really don’t know if I got the spelling of the name right. It is Latin book about witchcraft; I have yet to verify this one to my mom.)

Imagine the original ‘Bituing Marikit’ or ‘Mutya Ng Pasig’ displayed in our national museum.

(Though I’m not really sure if those songs were contained in that book, I’m just assuming here…)


I miss watching plays…


I have to agree with one of my multiply meyts, I Am Legend the book is really different with its film counterpart. Some of the elements are there but it is really weird to read it.

What would you do if this happened to you? Imagine, you have to re-track all the things that you’ve learned in high school and you have to learn and understand science in a whole new level (as Michael Keegan Key’s version, Hole… Nava… Level…)

(I just found out that writing and watching subtitled movie is never a great mix)

~ by targrod on August 1, 2008.

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