Of sleep-eesh da tsinelas.


How can I keep myself awake when I need to?

I can’t drink coffee. Every time I drink it my heart palpitates in a serious manner.

I can’t drink even tea. It has caffeine mind you. Same reason with coffee.

I can’t drink milk. I already have lactose intolerance, thank you. And yeah, it will help you sleep so this doesn’t really help.

I can’t drink fruit juices during mornings. Acidity issues.

I can’t drink softdrinks. Hello, at three in the morning?

I don’t drink beer.


(It leaves me with cold water, hot water, not-so-hot-water, and dumb water)

After a week of soul-searching… I found the answer…



Have you ever been in a racecar-taxicab? I’ve been in one two weeks ago. He was next to crazy but I love the ride since it kept me awake. There was even a time when he got “irked” with an FX driver. And they both went crazy along Guadalupe to Boni.

You’ve seen movies that the other car tries to bump the other (too many others) car. This time it was like that, maybe the closest was six or ten inches apart from each vehicle’s bumper.

It was all road rage (and despite the fact that the cab driver should be stripped off of his license).

I’ve had my fair of road rage experience when I was driving (it has been months since I last drove a vehicle. Gas prices and jay-r does not mix). And as a driver, you just can’t control your anger whenever you are in that situation. You can almost never tell yourself to calm down. You just want to shout explicit to the other driver and raise hell.

I know I’m a good driver somehow. Almost ten years of driving experience, I never bump a car when both vehicles are moving (it is a different story when I’m parking though). But you just can’t take the fact that you’ll be driving with the worst drivers.

It was always funny though when I’m riding with my mother. She always ends up having the road rage instead of moi.

I remember years ago, I had an altercation with a private FX driver and I had to argue in English (I say it is always in our advantage if we do this, try it). It was actually my mom who started the “fight”, I have to save her though. The other driver went crazy to the point of asking a fistfight. We found out through the course of the argument that the people inside the FX need to go to the hospital because something happened to their father (I think he went dead or something).

Maybe, we just need a great deal of emotion when we are driving or whatever we’re doing.

How about installing a mobile television (those small, cheap ones) in your vehicle and tape an episode of Master Showman? I tell you, all your rage will be released. To maximize the rage release, you have to wait when it’s Kuya Germs time to host and listen to his latest jokes.

(On a serious note, you can listen to relaxing music. Loud songs such as rock and hiphop can add to the rage, and especially if you’re listening to rage against the machine and rage valera.)


~ by targrod on August 2, 2008.

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