Of something in Eskwela.

I got an email alert regarding a forum post. The post says something about a job opportunity and somebody reacted with this post. All lines with a ‘>’ character means that this was part of the original post and obviously the one without the ‘>’ is the reaction (it can be found just below the ‘>’ character. What do they call this à ‘>’ character? Aaahh. ‘more than sign or comparator’? I know it; it is a crater than sign.) I just found this very amusing.


*Re: 25k part time income!!*

> i am currently working at a

US multinational company.

ah so it’s either nuskin, pharmanex, gac g3, or whatever one of those products ng nuskin
enterprises or another MLM / network marketing / networking companies. Nothing bad.

> right now i am handling an expansion project

ah so you want to recruit people and make them join your networking biz

> currently looking for 3 people to train as junior
> executives of the company that will help us handle the
> project.

yah, kunwari 3 people lang daw kasi para kunwari “limited slots” para isipin ng tao konti lang,
at dumugin siya.  pero ang totoo, siyempre they want as much as they can recruit.

> as junior executives of the company

waw, high tech ang tawag nila sa position… junior executives daw. fancy name for an entry level
position hehe. siyempre, kahit wala ka pang downline, “executive” na din ang tawag sayo — para
kunwari, may dating!  =D

> the project is very part time, 8 – 12 hrs a WEEK,
> flexible time schedule. 25k a month part
> time for leadership positions.

so this is not a REAL job.  kasi, kung real job yan, maiisip mo… executive position tapos 8-12 hrs a week!?!?!?  anu yun, sinusuwerteng empleyado?  And guess what, leadership position part time parin??? what kind of a job is that?  Diba dapat pag key leadership positions na, dapat atleast may certain level of commitment na to the company…

> if you are interested text the ff;
> hurry urgent positions are available!

oo, pagka-text mo netong mga eto, i-i-schedule ka daw for “interview kuno”…  yun pala, pag
dating mu dun, tada!  this is networking…  tapos may meeting / get together / business meeting (or insert a very high-tech sounding word here) kayong pupuntahan…  and here’s the application form. sign!  congratulations, member ka na, at naglabas ka na ng puhunan pambenta ng mga products nila. =D


I’ve had a same experience but mine was different (ano ba talaga? Hahaha. Same or different? Same experience with that kind of company and different yung nangyari sa kin. Jack-ass…).

Have you ever been kidnapped in your life?

That was the term before, I’m not sure if they are still using it right now. A friend of mine asked me to meet him in Greenhills and told me that we’re going to have some research for a certain company and they will pay us in exchange for it. Since I have a money-face (mukhang pera), I’ve decided to try it out. And he was persistent to a certain level. Not so high. Around there. Wait, we’re getting on it. A little bit more. There. That level.

So I went there. It was around seven in the evening when I arrived in GH. He told me to go to the building next to GH. And so I did. I entered the building and lo and behold, I finally found out the real es eyts ay ti.

It was a networking company. He was so sneaky, and I was really stupid, that I gave in. I listened to two hours of crap and they kept on boasting their products and other stuff. That they are selling herbal medicine for people and informed everybody that this is backed by this certain known person. Add to the fact that the people at the top of the food chain were raking in six digits of “dirty” money, daily? Monthly? Who cares.

Of course, when you’re starting to show your distaste with what you are seeing, they’ll do their utmost invites just to recruit you. It came to a point that their pulling my conscience for my parents sake. Give me a break.

I’m not persecuting these kinds of businesses. Somehow, they had helped people in their own way and I’m happy for it. What I don’t like is the fact that you can’t tell me the truth with what you told me and anything that is concealed has the greatest possibility that it is wrong or it is a scam. It is like a real corporate company hires you in a position of an executive secretary and you really end up as an alalay.

I just don’t like it when we’re taking advantage of other people.


Any violent reactions are not welcome.

Just kidney =)

Now if you take advantage of me physically if you’re a guy, I’ll gladly oblige.

Smile =)


~ by targrod on August 4, 2008.

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