Of that supposedly great concierto.

I just remembered this one a few days ago; when I was waiting for that d-day (day when I joined that game show) I practiced myself with the A to Z songs of the Eraserheads (I found out that this was asked a few weeks after, aahhh my prophetic powers, moving on…)

I believe everyone is now aware of that uber-great grand reunion. Even if the final plans of that concert are not announced yet, E-heads fans were/are trying to complete the puzzle. We all know that the concert is in August. The sponsor is Marlboro. And some other tidbits include 10M per member; day is the 30th; 35K will be the lucky manonood, and you’ll be able to watch it thru raffle.

The first time I read in the newspaper that they are going to have that long-awaited concert is I immediately texted two people whom I know are kick-ass fans, such as I am. I searched the Internet on how I’ll be able to at least get a ticket to that effing great event.

But alas, as mentioned above, it will end up with lucky participants of the said event.

I hate that fact that hardcore E-heads fans have to wait or even pray to get that ticket. We are not sure if we’re even getting a ticket. It’s a game of chance. Let’s say there are a million and one participants and they’ll be getting around thirty five thousand lucky viewers then that would give each person a .035 percent chance. That’s a freakin’ less than one percent chance of watching the gig.


I recently realized that whatever the evil plans of the sponsor, it all boils down with one thing. I want to watch that damn concert.

I’m sure all or most of the hardcore fans have jobs now. No matter how high their per capita annum (or annum capita… u-huh); we are willing to shell out money just to watch a forty-five minute concert.

Make the concert un-free and everyone will be happy. I know this is swapang for our part. But I think it is fair to say to all fans who bought Ultraelectromagneticpop, Circus, Cutterpillow, Fruitcake, Natin99, Carbon Stereoxide, Pillbox Magazine, Fruitcake book, and all of their stuff whether it is in cassette or CD format.

I just want to watch a concert that I will enjoy. I want to watch a concert that I know that everyone beside me appreciates their music. I don’t want to see an emo “rocker” in the concert.


Dang, this is the concert of the year and I’d probably sulk at home. I’d be really happy if this doesn’t push through.

I wub sour-graping.


Here’s an interesting blog by Mr. Conde: http://blogs.gmanews.tv/carlos-conde/index.php?url=archives/9-Why-the-Eraserheads-reunion-concert-sucks.html&serendipity%5Bcsuccess%5D=true

As the famous saying goes, “Damn if you do, damn if you don’t”.


Reminiscing my elementary life… watching an E-heads concert with my mom. We were just standing during those days. Ticket costs fifty bucks. It was one hell of a concert. My mom heard the uncut version of Pare Ko. She asked me, “ano daw? Burat?” I pretended I didn’t hear her.


Oh, and I don’t want to be sinungaling. I don’t use Marlboro any other contending brand. Now, that’s another problem for me.


~ by targrod on August 5, 2008.

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