Of Debra Laws with love.

You can call me the following: Jologs, Corny, Baduy, Bakya, Iskwater, E crowd, Hindi-kita-kilala, Hindi-ka-namin-frend.

It is absolutely fine.

Finally, I was able to catch an uber-cringe film. I played hooker este hooky and seen A Very Special Love all on my own.

I really don’t know where to start with this post. Despite some parts of the film that I didn’t like (that includes the cringing part), I liked the movie. I just need to laugh right now. I’m feeling that I am sick (no, I AM sick) and I need to relax a little bit.

Last time I checked the movie had raked in forty million bucks. It’s like more than thirty million bucks but higher than that.

Sarah’s character is a thing (in Tagalog, bagay ang character ni Sarah sa movie, omit the a movie part… it’s not part of the translation). And casting John Lloyd as her opposite made it all better. He was like Mark Ruffalo but with more angst (hahaha. Define angst).

I usually watch Pinoy movies at home either in dibidi or in cable but I guess the hundred bucks was worth it. It was like me watching Pedro Penduko 2 or Jologs all over again.

Here goes with the rest of the movie… The script was not that great but the scenes completed the movie. They’ve focused on the two protagonists and the run of the story didn’t focused much on our heroine. They both have their own back-stories assisting the whole script. Despite known celebrities that were cast, they didn’t do the usual agaw-eksena. For that, I give credit to whoever is responsible. Is that the director?

As I’ve said, despite the supporting casts non-epalish state, you can still remember who they were in the movie. In short, their characters were also long lasting.

I guess that’s it. I don’t want to write the details. You have to watch it. You just have to keep your eye out on the product placements, the shots (and scenery), and the John-Lloyd-Sarah scenes.

Oh, and the rain dance.


There are also gasgas scenes (define gasgas… the part where you expect the outcome of the scene). But it was really bagay for Sarah when she said, “Wag po. Wag po.”


Borrowing a line, “This article or section needs clean-up”. Heh… I’m sick. Up yours.

(Felt like this is not a review. More of a fan reaction. I wub u Papa Rovik!)


~ by targrod on August 8, 2008.

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