Of a lig.

Wouldn’t it be really cool to create, arrange, and pick your own Pinoy super hero team? This might be gasgas to some people but I still am envisioning that Pinoy group ala Justice League of America. Justice League of the Philippines anyone? Or Hustiyang Liga, Pinoy Edition: Uberture.

(This really sounds a sucky post. Hell yeah.)

Of course, we are always intrigued on who should be on the line-up:

ZUMA: I’d like to make him as the leader of the group. Look at the X-men, the leader of all leaders is a bald person. As far as I can remember Zuma is bald. I’ve made that connection. Make him the leader. Despite the villain stigma of snakes, let’s give them a shot to go good this time.

LASTIKMAN: Since this is a Pinoy version, let’s make him intelligent. He is the brains of the group. It would be nice if he wore the smart eyeglasses. Let’s make him way older than Christian Bautista. And change the costume to a brighter one. Give me neon cyan.

SUPER KLENK: Originally this should be Darna (maybe if we have and HLP expansion, we can add her), but I’d really want to see Ara Mina reprise her role. And she has to shout ‘KNELK!’ for her to go back to her human version. She can also fly despite her… uhm… weight.

DYESEBEL: We need a sea superhero. We have Aquaman. We have Namor the Sub-mariner. And we have a Dyesebel. Let’s make her stronger this time. And she should have a sidekick, Super Dugong anyone (we can give it the name, Sup! Duggg, sounds foreign though)? And a killer galunggong as an ally sounds really scary.

PANDAY: The slot should be with Captain Barbell. I’m for Captain Barbell, sounds a superhero with soldier-istic skills. But who wants to see an ordinary person bringing a huge barbell everywhere he/she goes? If that was changed to Captain Dumbbell then we can bring him to the line-up. It is just weird that Conan the Barbarian is part of a group.

MARITESS: From that famous sketch by Rex Navarrete. Her nickname can be The Cleaner. She can be the official healer of the group. Cleaner and healer: what a magnificent combo.

PONG PAGONG: And let’s not forget the conscience of the group. Despite every sentence with a “Weeeee!” at the end it would be nice if we have him in the group. He can be HLP’s Bowsley (of Charlie’s Angels). I’d like to make him cooler though. He needs some Ray-ban.


Hey Nikki Gil, we love you when your skin is darker than what you have right now. All your prettiness is gone.

I do hope it’s all in the make-up.


Is this true, Regine Velasquez’s asking price is a million (or was it a hundred thousand?) and Sarah Geronimo’s is eighty kyaw.



“Try touching your soothing self once in a while.”

~ by targrod on August 9, 2008.

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