Of scribblage.

I’m still amazed with the baristas of these coffee shop(s). For eight hours, you have to be extremely jolly. You have to take the order with delight (though in MOA, this is not the case) and other positive things that I can surely not relate with them.

(my mom always remind me that I am antipatiko… and paano na si antipatimo?)

If we use this formula with some other establishments, will it work?

In a 7-11 store:

Cahera: “So, that’s a bottle of vodka, a liter of Sprite, one bag of ice, six bottles of red bull, and a box of condoms?”

Man: “Yes…”

Cahera: “And what would your whole name be? We still have to process this…”

In a morgue:

Morgue-person: “So, you’re the relative of this guy”. He points to the dead person on the table.

Relative: “Yes…”

Morgue-person: “Is it for here or to go?”

In a church:

Collector: “We have a brother here who gave us… how much was it brother?”

Parishioner: “Uhm… five pesos?”

Collector: “Thank you so much for those five pesos… and your name is?”

In a department store:

Cashier: Speaks onto the microphone, “We have a pair of jeans here that is missing a price tag. It is owned by…” “You’re name ma’am?”

Girl: “Patty Recto.”

Cashier: “A size forty jeans for Miss Patty Recto. We need the price of those jeans now.”

In a circumcision clinic in a big hospital:

Doctor: “Aaahh, Mr. Sarmiento, what cut would you want?”

Mr. Sarmiento: “The usual.”

Doctor: Calls nurse and informed her that he needs an anestheologist (uhm… I don’t know the right spelling… basta, a person who specializes in anesthesia).

Nurse: Uses PA system “Doctor Manuelo, can you go here in Doctor Talon’s office to assist him in a circumcision operation for a thirty five year old man?”


Sounds like most of these are pilit or farfetched… And it seems that this doesn’t look like what I intended to write… oh well. Scribble… scribble…

This is more of those embarrassing moments that might happen to you… or not.

Oh well…

More useless stuff tomorrow.


~ by targrod on August 11, 2008.

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