Of bring back Filter’s One.

Have you ever wondered life during the 80’s when there is a celebration like a birthday party, reunion, or a piko tournament?

Here’s what I remembered. When we had birthday parties for the older people (not a children’s party), we usually had chit-chats and eating. When we had reunions, we usually have parlor games, which I absolutely love (we usually have reunions during Christmas so it’s a treat for the young.). When there’s a piko tournament… Nah…

There’s music obviously. It’s either one of the “party-goers” has a baon (he/she has a ready multiplex cassette tape) or if the parties that you attended (like I did), had these music induced people because they are a part of a choir.

Oh, and don’t forget the usual gambling and indoor sports and games such as darts, chess and pick-up sticks.

Now, with the revolution of videoke, everything has changed.

It is a must to at least have a videoke ready if you’re planning a party. It’s a socio-something thing. It is a supposed bonding moment with all the attendees of the party. Nobody cares if you don’t have a voice. It is like a tagay. You have to sing or else you’re a party-poop.

Everywhere we go there’s videoke. Malls, houses, villas, resorts, sabungans, bowling alleys, arcade houses, etc. I think the only place where videoke is not available is the cemetery. Well, I’m sure there’s one somewhere in the Philippines. I have yet to discover that.

It is part of our culture. It is part of our society. This is the only time when we find out that our friend sings great, our boss kicks-ass, and our loved one reminds us of Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

It is also a source of death. Can you count the ways where people will die while they are singing My Way?

For me, I really love videoke. It is the next best thing to game and watch.


Again, sucky post. World Health Organization cares.


I love trailers, I saw this one months ago…

(Screen shows 5 seconds per sentence with Morgan Freeman as voice-over.)

“Why do we hurt so much when we love?”

“Why is it that people die?”

“Why do old people act that way?”

“Why is it that all the months in a year have different number of days?”

“Why is it that there are different languages?”


An all new feature film from Universe studios.

Starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

“The Bakit List”

(This do sound like I got this from Pilipino Komiks. Soothing with korny-ism)

read: this ain’t real


Why the second x-files x-pired. The theme had changed. Only die-hard x-philers can appreciate the movie. It focused on Dana and Fox’s relationship. Too much drama. I can’t look at Amanda Peet’s serious role acting. Bad soundtrack. Too much ice in my coke. The burger that I ate had too many tomatoes. There were only forty of us in the theater.


Oh my God. Panic at the Disco is in the Podium. I’m not against the band but I just can’t stand too many emo’s and fangirls in one sitting.


Oh, this might be gasgas already but if you bought all the cd’s and stuff of PATD what do you call it?

Panic buying.


~ by targrod on August 13, 2008.

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