Of mumu =P.

Hhmm… Got some thinking here; who is to blame?

I’ve recently had two experiences, in separate occasions of course, wherein I told them that there’s a non-living entity in our office. It scared the living hell out of them (this is a bit exaggerated though, but do you want something that is plain and stinky?)

My mom and I classified them in two (stereo) types. We have the spirit and the elementals. The spirits usually are the spirits of recently and not-so recently dead people. They usually are makulit when they need some help from you (they need a prayer or two. They do this sometimes when they are celebrating their birthday.) Or the best thing happens with my mom, she dreams of them and usually talks to her in her sleep (I haven’t had this experience yet though.) Now, what we usually hate are those elementals. They have this certain bad trait of namamahay or trying to own what you own. My mom and I absolutely hate this because they will really bring down your energy. You’ll usually hear us shouting at them. “Hoy! Umalis kayo ditto sa bahay!” If they can’t coexist with us, they are not welcome in our humble abode.

I know. I know. You might think of this as crap. I don’t blame anyone if they don’t believe me. We came from a long line of spiritual beings and it has helped us when we needed it most (probably even my life. No exaggeration here…)

From what I’ve gathered everybody is born with the tertiary eye. It vanishes once the brain starts (let’s say when you turn two and you can still have memories when you were two. Just something in that manner.)

Now, once in a while we (when I say we, it’s me and my momma) would talk about this. Mainly because I’m telling her that this certain person is so scared of the idea of the non-living. And usually blame two things, the yaya (or not the yaya) and media.

When I was young, this was the alas of the yaya. When the kid is makulit, the yaya will usually scare the child, “Hala, kakainin ka ng aswang” or “Hala, kakainin ka ng mumu”. Ooohhh… we just hate it when we hear things like this. Why give the child something that will scar him/her for the rest of him/her life?

How about media? Well, since the early 1920’s we have movies that talks about the supernatural and up until now the genre is still raking in some moolah. I’m not blaming the media though; we all have to survive anyway.

So, for the hundredth time what is my point? I’m not really sure. There’s just awa when people are easily scared with this stuff. I always tell them that there’s nothing to worry about. The supernatural is always there and it will be here always.

“Matakot ka na sa buhay, wag lang sa patay.”


Here’s a simple and quick remedy when some ‘living thing’ is in your house. Light a candle or incense. Oh, and some prayers too.

And no, you’re not going to light a prayer.

(waw. Light a prayer. Parang kanta ni Madowna.)


~ by targrod on August 14, 2008.

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