Of randomized due to stranded-ship.

What is wrong with a certain shopping channel in one of our local channels? Why are you selling Christmas items this early?

It is only August my dearies. And the items that they’re selling are the ones that will really make your pocket suffer. They have this not-so-little-item where there’s fake snow revolving around a small dome.

It is not Christmas yet. We don’t call it Augustber. There’s no Christmas bonus yet. Santa Claus is still vacationing in Cam Sur, probably surfing. (and masungit pa ang pinoy, walang Christmas is in the air churva)

Why don’t they sell stuff with some holiday that is fast approaching? They can move it a month earlier and sell neon candles and neon paints for the lapida in the cemetery.

Wouldn’t it be awesome that the cemetery is filled with neon colors? I’m sure your loved one will be filled with joy and ecstasy with your wonderful and glorious idea. You don’t need a boombox though; it will kill the ambiance of the serenity of the dead.

Ecstasy (ecstano)… Chikitam Chikititamtamtam Pitumpampam Pitumpam Pedebedebe…

No matter how much we want to forget these songs. It will always stick in our hearts and for sure, it had given us the change that we always wanted (eh?)

And stickers were really in when I was small. Err… I mean young. I remember Gary mentioned about Panini and it was really a back to the past car… vroom.

I’ve collected the albums but I wasn’t able to complete the stickers inside the sticker albums. It was kind of a luxury before. If I can track back, I think it costs thirty pesos per pack. That’s six stickers per pack. And during those times thirty bucks is way big for a child like me. In the end, I only end up with a collection of Panini albums. So far, I have The Age of Dinosaurs, Care Bears, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., Super Heroes, NBA, Tom and Jerry, and The Real Ghostbusters. Nope, I’m not throwing the Nostalgia away.

Oohhh… Back To The Future rules!!!!

Wiki has these different types of –ogies. There’s trilogy, pentalogy, and duology. Duology is different with a sequel.

Sequel is short of Structured Query Language and duology is a two-piece speech or writing in praise of a person or a thing (seriously, duology in movies are two-part movies such as Before Sunrise and Before Sunset).

And for me, one of the finest trilogies made is the Inday trilogy by Maricel Soriano. Inday Bote, Inday, Inday sa Balitaw, and Super Inday and the Golden Bibe.



I’m naaawa with taxi drivers especially those that are under the taxi operators. Do they really earn anything nowadays?

I’m not naaawa with the mandurugas of course. Shame on them.


~ by targrod on August 15, 2008.

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