Of that girl we should all love.

I’ve already mentioned this before but there’s this certain movie that is starting to be a cult movie. I may say that this is an accidental cult movie since people accidentally watches the film.

Spoilers might be brought up. So read at your own risk (as if anyone’s reading this crap).

Now, that movie is entitled as The Machine Girl. No, it is not related with the Machine person that you know. And no (again), there’s no Machine Dolphina and Machine Buknay the fighting gel-ball in the movie.

I originally bought this film out of my love for films (oh yes, thanks to the people who encouraged me to watch pilm, porn na film, este film or movies). I usually buy movies that are mainstream, has a known director, actor, or whatnot, sequels and prequels, scary and funny films, old movies such as noir and those that are in lists and interesting titles, catchphrases for films, and dvd covers.

Now, a Saturday at work gives me a chance to drop by St. Francis and look for the latest films (that includes the latest old and new titles). I happen to grab this girl who has a gun on her hand and the unique title The Machine Girl. Hey… that doesn’t sound right.

In a whole, the film is… uhm… a blockbuster b-movie. And okay, I’ll just make kwento how the movie is. It starts with a girl who kills boys and then it backtracks to the time when she is this goody-goody person. Her utol is then harassed by this yakuza organization and then the utol is murdered. Now, she made her uber revenge. She went to the yakuza house and was captured and her arm was cut off. She managed to escape and then she allied with another girl and the machine gun was made by the husband of this another girl. And then they made their revenge. Then, that’s it.

This might be a bad run for a story. In fact, have you ever seen a movie that it is really bad but in the end negative multiplied by negative is positive. So, it is really a bad but good movie.

The movie is full of gore from start to finish. It doesn’t look like those gory films wherein you really can’t look while watching. This one’s different. Too much fake blood… Too funny gory scenes like the tempura scene, the behead-er scene, and the Madonna scene.

Why did I say that this is an upcoming cult film? It all started when I made kwento of this film while we were eating in the pantry (office time). I found out that one of us in the table was able to watch the film too. And then this came up again during some ungodly hour and my team lead was able to watch it too in a bus. One of the malupet kwento was when my bading-friend, Milan, watched it in the bus too. And one of my officemates knew about this too by reading the inlay of the dvd.

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense here…

Say Kawaii if you’ve already seen the movie.


I miss giving out jologs questions.

~ by targrod on August 15, 2008.

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