Of a li-bru.

I’m always amazed by our Kababayan’s kalakal especially by those vendors selling in a bus. Almost everything is sold. From peanuts to cashew to quail eggs to whatnot. There was even a time when they give free taste tests but it went passé. Maybe because some of the riding public felt some disturbing feeling inside (just maybe the food that they were giving weren’t that edible anymore).

I remember when I was young; I usually buy those orange jellies something. I really loved ‘em.

But they usually sell edible stuff. It is always edible stuff. Let’s say your bus ride is six hours long (sample is a Manila to Baguio trip). A six hour trip is no joke. In the course of the trip, sometimes you just want to stop talking to your seatmate and do stuff by yourself. What if before the bus leave the station:

Vendor 1: “Ruling, Ruling kayo dyan. Meron sek and seben dito. May prins tsaka halos. Ruling, Ruling kayo dyan. May beteldabar na din. May bran din ako dito. Dyabintsi meron! Ruling, Bran. Bili na kayo!!!”

Vendor 2: “Tepenking. Kumpleto ako. May tawer, et, mesari, at kung anu-ano pa…”

Wouldn’t it be nice if these vendors sell books too? I know it’s a bit woah. Just think about it. You brought a book and you didn’t notice that there are only fifty pages left. Those fifty pages will consume you in less than thirty minutes. What should you do? Given that every one you know of is asleep. You are wide awake. It is extremely dark outside (maybe its night time). Your ipod ran out of batteries. (Is this really possible?)

(Is this one of my stupid ideas? Oh yes it is.)

It will be delightful to hear when the vendors add this to their spiel.

Vendor 1: “Hardban. Hardban lahat ng binebenta ko.”

Buyer: “Patingin nga nyang mga binebenta mo. Aba, hardbound nga lahat a. May ibang titles ka pa ba? Patingin na din.”

Vendor goes to his stock and goes back to the buyer with the heavy goods.

Vendor 1: “Eto na po.”

Buyer: “Meron pa bang iba?”

Vendor 1: “Check ko lang po sa baba.”

Vendor checks goods and brings the new set of hardbound books back to the buyer.

Buyer: “Hhhmm… Wala kayo nung ______? Mukhang wala yata nung gusto ko. Meron pa ba sa baba?”

Vendor 1: “Ay yan lang po. Naubos na po kasi yung ibang titles e. Baka nabenta na yung mga gusto nyo. Bukas pa kasi ho mareplenish to.”

Buyer: “Ay ganun. Sya, wag na lang.”

I think I found out why this is not feasible.


What song of Paramore states a guy who likes a lot of girls?


Oh meyn. Hehehe.


~ by targrod on August 19, 2008.

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