Of i’ve gone back in 1982.

Aren’t we tired of that same old BS formula for our bubblegum movies (as Psychocow would say, bubblegum movies are our tried and tested romantic comedies which spawned great loveteams such as Jolina and Marvin, John Lloyd and Sarah, and Madam Auring and that sixteen-year-old person (he’s probably in his 20’s right now. how time flies).

Here is the simple formula. Create small plot twists and make it big. It turns out with the first 70 percent of the film having goody goody laughs and then the turning point plot twist comes in then for around 20 percent there’s drama then the solution after the drama. And basically and usually that’s it.

The main point of the movie is to make you laugh and to make you cry somehow. If you don’t shed tears then the movie is a bomb (or for guys who don’t want to admit that they had tears in their eyes, “napuwing lang ako”. yeah, napuwing sa aircon).

Wouldn’t it be nice if we change the last thirty percent of the movie? For us, when we say romantic comedies we end up with romantic comedy slash tearjerking minor drama you-crappy-pr-consultants-you-didn’t-inform-us-guys-that-we-will-cry.

Here’s a suggestion, as i’ve already mentioned, for that last thirty percent. Why don’t we kill the leading man or lady with a knife or something sharp such as an icepick or a haba-haba ballpen. There should, of course, be tons of blood and guts involved. One of the protagonists should turn out to be the antagonist and that is a great plot twist (we can add some cannibalistic plot but we want it to be PG-13, don’t we?)

Now, that is a real plot twist. But wait there’s more…

The antagonist then would be surprised that the protagonist will still be alive. The protagonist will heal all his/her wounds and then kisses the antagonist. For which, we are expecting a happy ever after story (or as they say, end credits. who said that? I really don’t know.)

But, but wait there’s more.

The antagonist calls Wally and Jose and they’ll act as the X-files slash version. And then we let the credits roll.

Now, that’s good plot twisting. We now have our very own Pinoy romance comedy slash sci-fi-mystery-thriller-suspense movie.

And we can still call it a bubblegum movie.


If the cast includes Michael V, Ogie Alcasid, Rufa Mae Quinto, Antonio Aquintana, et al then we can call it…

C’mon. You know the punchline. =)


This is a synopsis I got in IMDB, “A rookie Australian journalist, covering the Indonesian civil war of 1965, must choose between romance and the story that will make his career.”

So, what the hell is that? Well, it is a movie by Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver.

So, is it special? Not much. Same war-stricken country movie or what-not.

So, what’s the title of the movie? The Year of Living Dangerously.

So, some parts of it were filmed in? The Philippines of course.

Watching a hair-semifull Bembol Roco and a young Mel Gibson is so sweet. I wanna watch this again. TCM is the channel pips.

~ by targrod on August 20, 2008.

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