Of some ringtones.

The fad for ringtones has surpassed it’s hey day(s). Gone were the days when you’ll check your friend’s cell phone regarding his/her new ringtone. Or spend sometime in the Internet (or wherever) looking for that perfect ringtone for your cell phone.

Technology could’ve affected everything. Monotones changed into prophylaxis este polytones and then into MP3’s. I really don’t know what will happen next but a ‘nangangalabit na cellphone’ instead of a ringtone with vibrate is quite of endearing (bwahahaha, endearing you say).

Nowadays, we often hear the gasgas tunes such as Bubbly by Colbita Colley =), the Soulja Boy theme (I don’t think I’m hearing this crap anymore), and that blue fur-balled creature ‘ Mahiiiiiwaaagggaaannnggg Mennsssaaahhheee’ (God help us). Of course, there’s you usual ‘personal touched’ ringtone such as those made by your child ‘I love you mama!’ or some crappy I love you from your loved one (is therrre a bitterrrrness herrrree boy? Arrrrr).

How about us reliving the power of ringtones? I have some few suggestions here that could matter (matter naman ngayon. Kanina endearing. Anong matter gusto mo? Plasma or ma-ma-matter girl by madowna.)

We can start with words of wisdom from Nicole Hiyala. Her soothing voice will surely grab your attention and surely, you’ll answer your phone in an instant. How about setting your ringtone to one of the radio stations that is usually ‘channeled’ in the Fx that you’re in. There’s an excuse for this though, you can always say ‘I’m being one with the Fx’. Whatever that means.

We can use some words from television and the internet such as ‘Sinong nanay mo?’, ‘Saranghamida bo’, and my favorite of all favorites ‘Waaaaalllllaaannngggg Tuuuullluugggaann!!!’ (you now have a right to blurt out the corniest joke that you can think of, “May baon ako…”)

Sounds made by your body are also a good addition for this one. You can create your own; just make sure that you have the audio record option in your cellphone. A fart, cough, or that famous armpit fart can easily be recorded in your phone and every time your phone rings, you can always make yabang ‘aaahhh… kaya nyo yan?”

Scary ringtones are cool too. You can use your scariest voice and record the following: Papatayin ko ang nanay mo, ang tatay mo, ang lola mo, ang lolo mo, ang kapatid mong babae, ang kapatid mong lalaki, ang pinsan mo, ang tita mo, ang tito mo, ang teacher mo, ang labandera mo, ang friend mo, ang friend ng friend mo, ang friend ng friend ng friend mo, ang employer mo… etc. etc. Hey, you’re old enough to fill in the missing pieces.

We can also add some political jokes such as ‘The SONA is a success. The SONA is a SUCCESS!!!!’

Lastly, we can do our very own Adam Sandler impersonation. You can try a sillier style. ‘Knock! Knock!… Knock Knock!!… Knock Knock!!!… Knock Knock!!!!… KNNNOOOCCCKK!!!! KNOOCCCCCKKK!!! (insert breathing heavily here)’


Boo! Hoe-hummed. (wala ka nang masulat noh?)


~ by targrod on August 21, 2008.

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