Of some stupid post that shoud’ve been posted yesterday.

I’m always amazed with nicknames. There are really awesome nicknames in the NBA. There’s Michael ‘His Airness’ Jordan, Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving, Damon ‘Mighty Mouse’ Stoudamire, and Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon. I mean somehow the nicknames have a yabang effect. Right? Given the Airness nick. It gives us the effect that this person can fly somehow. Or Dr. J. Imagine, you’re a basketball player and you’re a doctor at the same time. Imagine the help that basketball players can get if all of them had doctorate degrees. Basketball can be made as an uber-safe sport. Safer than chess players (simple. I haven’t heard an astig nickname for the chess players. Or I haven’t heard distinct nicks for them. I only hear the same nick, Grandmaster.)

Now, I don’t want to check this out in wiki, I can’t seem to understand why P. Diddy had the nick Puffy. The last time I heard, puffy are fishes that they get big when they are in an argumentative state, see Spongebob’s driving teacher.

He’s a hip-hop star and you should have that edge. Right? The yabang edge. And your nick states Puffy. I believe the nick Puffy should be given to his dead rapper friend (ooohhh, I forgot the name. He sang Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems. He’s not Fat Joe.)

Thank God he changed it to P. Diddy. Deriving it probably from Jennifer Lopez’s nick.

Oh, and I don’t like Sean Combs much.

Speaking of nicks, why can’t we have our own angas nicks within our names? I glanced back at my life and found the days when all of us had different nicknames. I’m sure you had one when you were in high school.

I tried thinking of any angas nicks my classmates had in high school and this is all I came up with:

D. ‘quack quack’ M. à quack is derived from Doylet Duck the bowl cleaner.

E. ‘kabayo’ C. à I can’t remember why he was called kabayo. We referred to him as epal.

W. ‘dubai’ Bernardo à I think his plan is to go to dubai.

M. ‘eh?’ Villanueva à from Andrew E’s E. From E to Eh.

And of course they called me antukin. For obvious reasons, I slept a lot when I was uhm… up until now.

Hhmm. This doesn’t sound a good idea (sinabi mo pa. Sana hindi mo na lang to sinulat! Bwahahaha). High school nicks are greatly demoralizing.


And another trailer…

It had been years since episode three had been shown in cinemas. George Lucas is short

on budget but he has a ready script for the connecting story of Attack of the Clones and

Revenge of the Sith. Since he was short on budget, he was still able to cast some famous

people for the next Star Wars movie.

Bozo as Obi Wan Kenobi.

Yoyo of Boyoyong as Anakin Skywalker.

Xuxa as Queen Amidala.

“Star Wars: Clown Wars”


Getting suckier by the moment… One of those juvenile posts… But come to think of it Bob Ong made this type of effective. Remember his early books about the teachers and such (wala lang). I think we all have this attempt to turn back time and hoping that we could change some things we’ve done in high school or college or when we were still young.

Or maybe, we just want to reminisce of all those stupid things that happened to us that we’re all wishing that I did hope I didn’t fully forget my happy younger years. Oh, life during the nineties is good. Really.

Bwahahaha. I’m getting nostalgic na.


~ by targrod on August 23, 2008.

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