Of some uninformative stuff.

Deedja know that the TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark wasn’t shot in Bulacan. Just because they used sparklers during the opening sequence of each episode doesn’t mean that they pulverized those Bulacan sparklers. They were exported from Bulacan.

Deedja know that the Devil’s cake is really made by the devil. The Angel cake is made by the devil too. That’s why the term sinful sweetness is coined. Limbo cake is still in the works though.

Deedja know that Emilio Aguinaldo is not our first president. Victor Sugod is our first president. He was accidentally killed by one of Aguinaldo’s men. Andres Bonifacio didn’t know about this instead he was informed that the Spanish killed Victor. Also, Victor is Andres’ brother. Andres’ real name is Andres Sugod but during those days pseudonyms were often used by known people, he changed his surname to Bonifacio. Remember the battle-cry “Sugod, mga kapatid!” It was originally termed as “Sugod, aking kapatid!” It was an act of vengeance for Andres’ part.

Deedja know that Linda Blair created an underground sequel for the movie The Exorcist. It was banned in a lot of countries due to the fact that they used the same scenes and sequences as the said original movie (oo, yung The Exorcist nga). It was entitled The Sexorcist.

Deedja know that Hasbro contacted the Marcoses for the Mickey Mouse money. It was of this time that the currency was useless in the Philippines and Hasbro went into recycling and environment stuff. A spy from Disney informed their executives and called in their lawyers that the Mickey Mouse money should just stay within the Philippines as they showed a contract stating that the currency cannot leave the country. Hasbro didn’t want to mix up with the mess and decided not to pursue with this instead.

Deedja know that the Eraserheads originally rendered their version of Father and Son’s Miss Na Miss Kita during the nineties. The band then informed their label that they are not going to release the single during that time. They’re planning to release it on the E-head’s Twentieth anniversary. Since the Heads’ broke up earlier the single was placed in a time capsule instead. It will be shown in public a century after.

Deedja know that Goosebumps wasn’t shot in Pandacan. Despite its obvious name the Pandacan constituents always argued that balut came from ducks.

Deedja know that the phrase Ingat Ka is really a curse. As we are fond of saying this to our friends or loved ones when we’re saying our goodbyes, we shouldn’t. The K’balon (one of our ancestral races that went extinct just before the turn of the 15th century. They went berserk with an unknown liquid during that time. It was later found out that the liquid that caused their berserk-ness are the beverage called beer) used the phrase both as a battle-cry and as a curse (the K’balon has some witchcraft powers. As of the moment there is still no hard evidence whether the K’balon really had those powers) to their enemies. The phrase Ingat Ka came from the word Inggatkuh.

Deedja know that the cutix used by women has a positive effect with their sexuality. Scientists found out that cutix plus estrogen can give out a certain endorphin aroma that can make men crazy. Have you ever seen a guy who uses cutix make other guys crazy? Oh, I know you know the answer for this one.

~ by targrod on August 23, 2008.

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