Of Earth’s sportsfest.

Wow. The olympics; a prestigious competition being competed by all (almost) the nations of Earth (did I just say nations of Earth? Hahaha. I sound like a martian). It surely is a great honour if you take part in this event. Ask my lola, it’s true.

Every four years, we have the same shitty expectation… we won’t win anything.

There are a lot of reasons why we suck at the Olympics. One of the reasons is our system. The government doesn’t really help our athletes. These officials just ride with the flow and they get moolah that ain’t even theirs. I mean have you heard the gossip of the politicians who enter their manok instead of the athletes that really deserve to play in the event? Well, that’s us.

We just need a super uber major reform. How about these corrupt officials do a major resignation and leave it to the newer breed of our generation who still care about our nation. (I do hope that the Japanese have instilled their idea of Hara-kiri for the shameful Filipinos who creates problem to our country. Asa pa tayo, we are still in the survival of the fittest stage.)

But that’s not all; we also have the problem of subjective judges in the Olympics. We can only get gold if the event or competition that we join is so obvious for our win. It will be hard for us to win in one-on-one matches given our dismal losses in Tae Kwon Do and Boxing. I may be subjective here but c’mon, it is as if the Olympics are just like the Triwizard Tournament. Cheating is a necessity.

Yuck. Serious post?

So, here’s a suggestion. I’m not sure if the Vatican City joined this year’s Olympics. It would be nice if the priests of the Vatican City be trained as judges for events that need to be upgraded in terms of judging.

Think about it, we’re around ninety percent sure that cheating will be not as much as before. Things would be fairer for all countries whether you’re part of the G8 or if you’re a third world. Hoping though that these priest judges won’t wear robes ala old school monks as they might look like Voldie’s cohorts.

I still just can’t believe that Bahrain and Afghanistan have won their first (?) gold medals and here we are happy with two-digit places. We are happy that we were able to beat our own mark and that’s it.

I believe this is a great dream for all of us Filipinos, a gold medal. But when will we get this? Only time will tell.

For the meantime, let’s listen and watch Moymoy Palaboy et al strut their stuff in Youtube and Bubble Gang.


Must… think… happy… thoughts…


This sounds like a bitter post. Should I just listen to Bitter Off Alone by Alice Deejay?

I think I got some happy thoughts again.


~ by targrod on August 24, 2008.

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