Of a day before Domingo.

I recently just watched TGIS the movie (it was like just a few days ago mind you). Remember those days when we stay home in a sunny Saturday afternoon waiting for that crappy Coney Reyes on Camera and readied ourselves through the na-na-na na-na-na of this show. (Obviously you won’t understand me if you’re a Gimik fan. Gimik sucks in all ways but not Mylene Dizon. Definitely not Mylene Dizon. She will marry me someday.)

Isn’t it wise for television producers to come up with a show whose most of the cast are remotely unknown? I believe the only “celebrity” in TGIS is Angelu De Leon. She came from that Ang Tv show but she wasn’t really that sikat yet. Oh, I think she was sikat as Muning in Ober Da Bakod. Fine, I really don’t remember on which is which or who is who. So, please forgive me if I can’t really give the facts. If you can’t forgive me I’ll just do my Sandler-ish angry mode. Nah…

The show’s storyline is actually simple. Take these kids who live in a “rich” neighborhood (define rich. Not Richie Rich rich though. I don’t how rich it is, I’m not in the mood for any debates right now. Bwahahaha), mix it with one guy who is not as affluent as the rest of the gang (and make him the comedic relief) and look for issues that will cater today’s generation.

And that’s it. Maybe, adding some cool songs made it all differ. C’mon, this was the show where I first heard of Dyslexic Heart, Best Things in Life are Free, and the wonderful, wonderful song and dance sequence of Choo-choo Train.

Let me see… the cast. There’s the sweet smilin’ Angelu De Leon, the teenage angst ridden Bobby Andrews, the pretty Raven Villanueva, the dancing Michael Flores, the “funnyman” Red Sternberg, the I-can’t-think-of-any-adjective Rica Peralejo, and the non-acting JM Bondoc (yes, he really doesn’t know how to act. Up until now JM does not know how to act. Baron Geisler has won an award already and where is JM?)

So, maybe that’s it. Casting ordinary guys and gals from out of nowhere and making them look cool. That’s it. And we viewers were able to feel that we can we be one of them (or that’s what was running on our minds all along). Or we were able to experience what they were experiencing. Except JM’s character, I haven’t found a chick-boy who doesn’t know how to act. Please!!!! I love you JM!

And I remembered their last episode. Giving me a sense of dictionary-ism. I wont’ forget the words of Joaquin Torres III, “ostracize”.


This post is stupid. Really. Next time, the science of Tabing Ilog. Bwahahaha!

I swear, after doing this crap. I felt that I lost an hour of my life. Adding up the hours of watching this show, meyn, that’s like losing a year of my life.



Watched Dobol Trobol earlier. Vic is using the same formula. It might be crappy or lame but I’d rather spend some moolah for this instead of watching Torotot.

~ by targrod on August 25, 2008.

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