Of some corny reality.

There’s this show named The Biggest Loser. The object of that reality show is to let these fat bastards (oops. Hahaha. Sorry for the term) get thin on national television. The drama of getting thin, that’s probably the concept of that show. The creator’s of the show are probably that smart. U.S. having one of the countries in the world with the most obese people, this is probably a good idea that they thought of. This is a very degrading show, isn’t it? From the show’s title to the part when they contestants go loco to being healthy and thin. Now, what if you didn’t achieve your goal?

You’d probably end up in the gag reel. “Like this guy tried three months of exercising, not eating fatty foods, and more exercising. He got two kilo’s burned and that’s it. What a fat bastard. Bwahahaha”. And they’d probably show your shame over and over again on national television. They’d probably give you prices such as x-deals of donuts, burgers, and fat-giving products. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Why can’t we have shows entitled The Sexiest Bastard? Take me for instance, I’m semi-malnourished. All they have to do is to help me the proper BMI (it’s not related to a bicycle brand, it’s Body Mush Index. It’s the total mush you have stored in your body) in probably six months. They’ll feed me, give me free medical care, won’t let me worry about any financial problems, and that’s it. I’d probably show some drama like “Oh my God, the twister fries is still not out yet!” or “What happened to my favorite couple, Ryan and Juday? Why O Why?” or “Woo-hoo! Backstreet Boys is finally having their reunion concert in the Philippines!”

Since we’ve been living in these bad drama tv situations, they might as well produce the show that I am offering.

Imagine, free crap for six months. I’d like to take that crap anytime.

Of course, there’ll be obstacles too. Like, who can watch the most hours of Seventh Heaven or playing Jenga or using a clicker in a mall.

Now, that’s nice. (Hahaha! The Next Best Slob).

Then, we pitch another reality-base television show. Post-pregnant women who gets back their original weight eating only Malunggay-based food. This might be a cool show as all contestants might look bungal all through-out the show’s season.

And no breastfeeding scenes. Please. Let’s keep this show child friendly.

Or a whore show who gets the most customers in one month.

Man, it’s like I’m a reality show idea machine here…


“Dreaming to star in his own reality show… The next Bagets Star”



~ by targrod on August 27, 2008.

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