Of some individual rumblings.

I’m not a mainstream type of person. As much as possible I don’t want to go with the flow. I don’t want to be typecast-ed too. I just want to be simple and unique. But sometimes we have to go with the bandwagon, with the mainstream, with the fad. Or else it will be hard for us to fit in a group, a crowd or strangers that you really don’t know but you have to make a conversation.

You must be at least informed with a lot of subjects. There’s current events, religion, political views, music, entertainment, sex (of course you wouldn’t converse to a stranger about sex. That is so uber-ly weird and pervertious unless if you’re talking with Asia Agcaoili then you might make a connection… or Madame Auring), sports, education, and the most usual subject of health.

As I’ve mentioned, I stay away from mainstream stuff. The hard thing is it will always be there and you can’t escape it. Think Scotty Doesn’t Know of the movie Euro Trip. We can’t escape these things.

Usually, mainstream pertains to music (kaya nga may mainstream music e. adeek. But that’s another story). When F4’s music started to rise, I liked it at first (bwahaha) but I turned away when it was having its mainstream fame. When a rock band, Incubus, swept our feet with Drive it was ok, then every college student (especially gerls. Yak. Bwahaha) liked Incubus; I turned away with a heavy heart.

Though I still do and listen to mainstream stuff. Up until now I’m the number one fan of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Even if they are not boys and girls anymore, I still like (read: not love. I call their songs cringe videoke songs) to listen to their songs once in a while especially All I Have To Give and 2 Become 1. Having this kind of revelation, if you don’t want to be my friend anymore, it’s fine.

Now, there’s an emerging type of mainstream that is bursting out of my mind. It is called P.I. mainstream. It is plainly simple. If you’re aware with the song Umbrella and you catch a hymn or two from the song whether it’s the ballad, rock, or Tagalog version, I can’t stop myself in saying “P.I. Umbrella na naman????”

Speaking of mainstream clothing, there are rules too with the men’s underwear. Cotton briefs are considered mainstream. Boxers are not so mainstream (and it is not really common for us Filipino men because our mothers don’t buy them). Torn and wrinkled are considered mainstream too. I’m not sure if Bikini briefs or T-backs (pordyosporsanto) are mainstream, I still have to extend my research regarding this one.

Now, if you’re wearing colored briefs especially pink in color then congratulations. You are unique and you’re not part of the mainstream.

Hay. I’m going to watch Salem’s Lot na lang…


~ by targrod on August 28, 2008.

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