Of some sick humour.

I think I’m tired of some fantasy wherein we dream of being part of a movie in a sense that we’re part of the good guys like Harry Potter for example. All of a sudden we wanted to be a wizard or a witch. Or some adventure film like Indiana Jones. I know that when I was young and I’ve seen Indiana Jones, all of a sudden I want to be like him. I want to experience the thrill of some kick-ass adventure. I want to say to myself that just five years ago I’ve been in an awesome adventure where we fought cannibalistic locales and found a treasure that made my life changed since.

Or maybe a fantasy of the movie of The Girl Next Door where I as a geek or nerd or wuss want to feel what Emile Hirsch experienced. I want to say to our grandchildren that I did some uberly crazy thing when I was young. And I can proudly say that I consider that experience as a good memory. Crazy and good, that’s a good combination.

In short, movies really affects our life greatly whether we like or not (well, this wouldn’t work if we are living in the nineteenth century but it is just plain common sense regarding that. And I have no bitching remarks about this. Now, this is something new). Movies with themes whether they are love stories, sci-fi fantasies, kick-ass action. I think i’ve made my point already.

But what if you were given a choice (wait, this is not actually a choice), that you should take part in a scary movie. That you decide on how you’ll die.

I know the idea is pretty and plain stupid. So, what’s my point of us thinking about this kind of idea? Now, wait a minute, I think we know this certain site with a death counter. I believed I tried it and it informed me that I’d die in the year 2036 with some gruesome stupid death like kissing Britney Spears or what-ev.

But who wants to read something that you’d probably die by sleeping.

And who wants to die? Or who is ready to die? (you’d probably stop reading by now)

So, going back to my crap, I’d probably want to die in Jigsaw’s murders. I was thinking of dying with the following movie themes: House of Wax, Hostel, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, and some movies that I really want to mention but I can’t seem to remember them right now.

I know that the pain is there but the idea of you dying while you’re trying to save your life is kind of awesome.

Think survival. Think thinking of your own life for a change.


Hahaha. This is like a black comedy blogging. I’d probably post something that how you want your friend killed.

Meyn… too gory and sick. This might be the last time I’d post something so sick.



Sorry, big intake of scary movies kicking in. (and at the same time I’m watching Salem’s Lot or as my officemate states Salem Slut)

~ by targrod on August 28, 2008.

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