Of I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Aaaahhh… August. August. August.

This is a hardcore month for me. Really. It is hardcore in a sense that I’ve experienced most of the things this month in a “new” experience.

And here are the firsts this month…

I bought MAD magazine this month with my own hard-earned moolah.

I cried while watching a documentary movie (it’s Sicko and don’t ask me why).

The Goonies is my most watched movie.

I shouldered one of our hardcore utilities.

I read a lot of books this month too.

I was able to catch an arts and music festival.

…and probably my first hardcore concert this month.

Now, I’m not exactly proud of this one but just this month I was able to catch three pinoy movies, not in dibidi, but in a cinema house. Actually I’m not really sure with the first one but I still feel that I’ve seen that movie this month. The three movies are A Very Special Love, Dobol Trobol, and For the First Time (I do hope you’re already expecting this one).

In my defense, I really enjoyed AVSL and DT somehow but FTFT… Uhm… Here goes.

I really don’t know why the movie was great. The girl beside me said something like “ang ganda ng movie no?” Yeah, the movie rocked and you kept saying Greee was “maganda” or “ang ganda noh?” for some umpteenth times. Maybe she stopped way after the middle part of the movie. And that was the time when the shots were back here in Manila.

As I’ve said, seriously this time, that the movie sucked big time (yes, this is veeerrryyy subjective). The script went nowhere from somewhere to whatever. A lot of scenes were hanging. The dialogue was soooo… I really can’t express it but it was more of something between oh my god and some eyes rolling. The delivery was there but it lacked umpfh. And the set-up of the two main protagonists regarding their relationship was so un-romantic comedy-ish. I really felt the pain man.

Just a follow-up, you made the lead actors as conceited persons. That is soooo wrong.

KC wasn’t that good but she wasn’t that bad either. Sadly, I didn’t feel her pain. I only felt the pain of the three ladies that hit my feet, my chair and my arms (no biggie though, I was expecting this). I don’t know binibining Bernal; you got the wrong lead actress this time. And Richard, well he’s Richard. He doesn’t need bashing… Hehehe.

Philip Salvador was out of place (he had some hardcore drama scenes with KC and uhm… yeah) and that includes the entire supporting cast even if they had dialogues except for KC’s brother.

And probably I’d watch this kind of movie ala AVSL. I’ll watch it a week after. Alone. I really can’t watch something with people beside me who kept eating. It was like the person at my left will eat for the whole Greece scene (and at the same time the person at the right kept saying “ganda”) and after that the person at the right will eat.

Can they just eat marshmallow instead? (Well, I’d still want to watch the movie somehow. I paid for it, for God’s sake).

And how about the soundtrack? Bwahahaha. They really over-used the theme song.

Of course, there are some little positive things that I can say for the movie. Candy Pangilinan and the other guy (Benjo was the character’s name) are awesome. Sadly, they had their scenes only during the Greece part of the movie. After that… pfft.

Greece. Wow. Really. I wub Greece.

And that’s it. I made my penance I can take the communion na.

~ by targrod on August 29, 2008.

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