Of my post-Eraserheads’ concert account.

And I thought I’d be going home with a happy heart…

Wow. It was an eventful day earlier. As thousands and thousands of fans have their high hopes in watching that E-heads concert. I even made some crappy video blogging but I opt not to continue with that. Well, mainly because it was really an uneventful experience.

If you believe in superstitions and omens then I wished that the band followed what the stars are telling them. It all started with that free concert by Marlboro. DOH stopped the concert just merely days before the concert and then the death of Ely’s mom just two days before the concert. It ended up with Ely being rushed to the hospital just after the last song of the first set (was it really the last song?) Bad weather even hello’d but a star said hi.

Well, there’s no turning back and everybody expects the concert to push through.

As the band played their first song, a tear passed by my cheek and felt that all the people in that concert had their dreams come true even for one night. Hey, we all waited for ten years. So, it really is worth the wait.

And then the real uneventful event happened. Just after the first set, a twenty minute signage went on again and all of us waited for the twenty minute break to finish. Twenty minutes passed and there were no ‘heads on the stage. I’m not sure of the actual time but the group went out (minus Ely) with Ely’s sister and told everyone that the concert has to end because Ely was rushed to the hospital. As Ely’s sister stated, due to the physical and emotional stress that he is experiencing, it could’ve affected his health.


I’m not sure about this but I believe Ely’s fine. There’s no news yet if part of the tickets would be refunded.

Everyone got home speechless and un-amused with what happened.


Of course, after the concert, people will be asking some questions. If it was all drama or if the band wanted a dramatic ending to the concert or if the money they got, in comparison with Marlboro’s rate, was halved. I even have a question too, why didn’t they just continue with the concert without Ely? I mean, the entire band members sing? Is it just some respect to their fallen colleague?

Crap. This will really go down in history and I was part of it.

Did that bottle of beer do the trick? No. I’m still waiting for Magasin, Torpedo, and Ang Huling El Bimbo.

However, let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt for the meantime. Let’s end this concert with a high note na lang. Life is short to sour grape. Let’s remember the part where they were all there in the stage and everyone sang their hearts out. Let’s remember the part where there were no alcoholic drinks in the event and instead sold us energy drinks. And let us always remember that this concert didn’t give us mosh pits and instead gave us the echoing shout of the crowd “GROUP HUG!”


And I do hope Third Eye Blind will end my thirst for music with a bang. See you guys on September five.

And can somebody please tell me who texted me with With A Smile and Huwag Mo Nang Itanong? (kiss kita. Pramis.)


~ by targrod on August 30, 2008.

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