Of i’m not really a fan, i’m just kibitzing.

Videos are uploaded and on some are on its future upload phase. =)
All videos are bad in quality. Low resolution camera with pixelized zoom. Sorry about that.
(wala akong pambili ng dv camera e. hehehe =)
For nostalgia purposes.
And the audio, if it seems that you don’t hear Ely’s voice. That could’ve been me.

I missed the songs Hey Jay, Kama Supra, Kailan, Huwag Kang Matakot and Lightyears.
This is due to the lack of power supply. I was saving the batteries for the second set. And we all know what happened…
I missed the first part of Huwag Mo Nang Itanong… =(

I was kind of bored too today and decided to post these instead.

*Consists of tapes and cds. Three albums are missing: Fruitcake EP, Julie Tearjerky, and Natin99.
*Ultraelectromagneticjam shouldn’t been in the picture. But remember the updated Superproxy? Ely’s there.
*At the top is an early pre-sikat Cambio album. I’m not entirely sure if Buddy and Raimund’s siggy were there.

*Consists of magazine and songhits.
*Pillbox is the official E-heads mag. That’s the second issue.
*Songhits era 1995 and i’m not sure with the one on the right.

*Came free with the Carbon Stereoxide tape.

*Fruitcake book. Somebody loaned me this book. I can’t remember who owns it.
*Tikman Ang Langit. Just came out last year. Fan-based.

*E-ticket. 083008. Sweet.
*Must scotch tape the ticket. Ticketworld tickets can survive for up to three years only.

(Last post na to regarding E-heads. Pramis. =) )


~ by targrod on September 1, 2008.

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