Of a void-al post.

I believe couple(s) (when I say couple, it doesn’t necessarily mean a married couple. It may or may not be a civil couple, a bf / gf couple or an electrical couple) are running out of sweet nothings. Every where I look I may or may not (this might be some post where I’m using a lot of may or may not. In such cases I may or may not write may or may not. Now, since its August, a may or may not write May is improbable. I rest my case) hear the following words baby, love, dear, sweetheart, heart, or some other mushy stuff that you may or may not want to cringe whenever you hear it.

I am actually may or may not (langya, na kaya pa rin?) interested with this topic but I would just like to suggest some words that may or may not help couple(s).

The easiest SN’s can be derived from bakeries such as Red Ribbon, Becky’s, or Goldilocks. Coffee Crunch, Marmalade, Sylvana, or Mango Cake is possible. (Sylvana and Marmalade doesn’t sound right, but it is worth trying) Even Cheesecake too, as long as your hunnybunny is named Cheska. Black Forest is a no-no. Seriously, it doesn’t sound right. And if ever you guys call yourselves WhiteForest, I’d probably run far.

We can also get SN’s from donut stores or shops. Hhmm… I’m thinking of cool sweet things right now that can be derived from donut stores but I can’t think of any that is somehow sweet. Bavarian is the only donut that I can think of today (I’m not hungry which may or may not be a factor). Ahm… I’m not sure of this one na.

If your love is fake and you couple you have your own nicks that you call each other. You can call yourselves Aspartame or Acesulfame. Yeah, this sounds lame and corny as the whole post but it may or may not be worth trying to post it.

We’ve also lost the touch of chocolates as this is this is the usual alas of guys during courtship (unless of course if the girl has diabetes, you can’t give her this crap). I once heard somebody use Koko Krunch (its cereal but its chocolate). We can also use… Hhhmmm… since I’m not in a chocolate mood, I won’t be able to give any examples for this one. Unless you’d like to use Samba (that can be related to Dyosa. And because you make-samba the girl, you can use this one) it may or may not be fine. As long as you don’t call her Andes (which often is related to undies or underwear. That doesn’t sound nice at all), but be sure to give her Andes. It is a kick-ass mint chocolate that is mahal such as Ferrero Rocher (if her name is Rochelle from Sexbomb, you can use Rocher nga pala. Oh, I just have to add this crap.)

In connection with my emo post, if the couple’s listening 24-7 pleasure is emo then you guys can call yourselves as papa-emo or mama-emo. If I ever hear that crap, I’d probably take out a wooden stake and hammer it in your heart. As emo-ism has a vampiristic nature.


Pol Medina had this thing in the early nineties. Coined sweetham and honeycured in Pugad Baboy.



~ by targrod on September 2, 2008.

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