Of fafa mulder.

Because you started your life with porn…

I feel so sorry with David Duchovny right now. He’s battling addiction with sex and Internet porn. The news is all over IMDB and probably other American chismis shows and other forms of media.

Bree Sharp is probably praying right now that David knocks at their door. Remember “David Duchovny why won’t you love me, why won’t you love me”?

(pustahan you’ll be interested kasi sex ang usapan. Bwahahaha)

As I’ve said with my opening sentence, he didn’t really have that fame yet in the X-files. If you’re an avid fan of the porn industry he was the host of the Red Shoe Diaries series. It’s like a soft porn type of movie-series. And his new series, is it Californication?

Still. Porn is still porn. (syet. Makasalanan. My virgin fingers… I used it for typing this blog post… and that doesn’t sound right. Shucks. Ang panget nya talagang pakinggan. Bwahahahaha) Can I assume now that all people in the porn industry are sex addicts too?

Now, since Americans are liberal in nature I can quote this one, found in IMDB, “But according to Fox News, Duchovny’s dependency stemmed from an obsession with online porn – of which Leoni is allegedly aware of and has been supportive, says a source.”

Kaya pala.

But meyn, his wife is Tea Leoni. Debah? Yeah, the Tea Leoni in uhm… wait I can name her movies. Just give me a minute. There’s Click, nooo… that’s the other girl which name is not Tea Leoni. Wait, I remember! It’s Wayne’s World… but, but the color of her skin is fair. No wait. It’s Tea este Tia Carrere.

Now I remember… it’s Fun with Dick and Jane!!!!! With Tim Curry!!!!

Going back with Manong David, I really love the guy. I surely won’t shake hands with him but I’ve seen half a dozen of his movies. There’s Connie and Carla, Full Frontal, Return To Me, Evolution, and of course the un-sequel-ish X-file movies.

Hay… Self-control. I know it will be hard for you with your age and such but I know you can do it. Just like most of the alcoholics and the drug-dependents in America.


Let’s take a look at Michael Jackson. He stopped playing with kids.


~ by targrod on September 6, 2008.

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