Of Vincent.

My friend probably won’t lend me the remaining two books once she reads this but I’d still pester her about it. She’d give in, I hope.

(Dear Twilight lover, you might not like this post. Stop reading. You’ve been warned.)

If you’re familiar with Bella and Edward then welcome to the wonderful world of vampires and fast cars. As you can see, there’s a silent craze that’s rocking the world of literature and it’s not Harry Potter mind you.

So, I grabbed a copy of this Twilight book at my officemate’s desk and borrowed it from her after I read it (I’m just so sinungaling once she reads this). Since this is the latest fad and since the book will have its movie out this… uhm… *insert month after this month* then I told myself “I have to read it.”

A friend of mine already warned me about this. She told me it’s a direct rip-off from the Sweet Valley High series, Meyer only added vampires to make it exciting. It just reminded me that this person is so emo that she is just jealous that there’s an emo book. Competition baga.

Since I read the book from cover to cover, it amazed me. I have never read a book with its paragraph starting with the wordI. I believe I read the word I 10,328 times and I still can’t get it out of my head. (and probably, twilight is it’s title since there are two I’s in twilight. But that’s us already… or we.)

Ok. The positive thing(s) about the book, you can read it fast like Harry Potter. Some research here and there. Meyer includes Filipino vampirism, yey. And your usual vampire is well changed in ways that changed Gardo Versoza as a machete actor.

For the other things that you can read in the book, well, it pertains to your usual teenage girl who lacks identity, who is emo, and who’s saying that she’s not really looking for real love but she’ll take it anytime her heart finds her perfect someone. In short, just like the whole teenage girl population (and that includes teenage boys too).

For the “bidang” vampire, well, I got three words for you, Dao Ming Hsu.

I’m sure Twilight lovers would probably hate what I write here. But look, let’s compare this to Harry Potter for a minute. How was HP portrayed? He was made as a hero. From some goofy little kid to a super God what-ev. And in case you got the itchies, you’d probably read this again and enjoy all the people and the terminologies that Rowling shared to each and every one of us.

Now, let’s look at Twilight. A love story. Will you read a love story over and over again with vampires and humans as the protagonists ten years from now? I’m sure you’ll say, hey Jane Austen shared us those same ideas for books and up until now we are still reading it! But will you really read a vampire-human slash este love story when you turn forty? Think about it. (I’m still thinking, I’d probably read it again if the book contained those romance scenes sold for thirty pesos, “Ang pagkapusok ni Adan sa mansanas ni Eba”)

The idea is there. It’s a good read. Really. But I just don’t see the mass appeal.

Hey, I’m a guy. I’m not romantic. So sue me.

(oy Milan, pahiram ng Eclipse tsaka ng Breaking Dawn a. Pramis, kakantahan kita ng Breaking Free)


Now, if Edward Cullen only wore hapit shorts then I’d probably want some Jasper on the side. Oooh, Edward-Jasper slash. Sweet.

~ by targrod on September 7, 2008.

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