Of a sup-sup dafish.

Moi and my mamuh are avid fans of Ang Pinaka. Now, they had this top ten of usual sources of deaths in the Philippines. My mom always had this thing with weird stuff (that includes me too) and she found out that top five is a mystery disease. Some mystery disease(s) that kill and Filipino doctors have accepted that there is such a thing like that.

Then, there’s a U.S. television show was chanced upon by my mom (I think it was Oprah). The doctor’s in the U.S. also believe… wait, wait, wait… I think I’m referring to a known psychologist (or a psychiatrist) who believes in mystery deaths or death by an unknown disease. And she said that U.S. doctors also accept the fact for mystery deaths.

It means one thing. These mystery deaths are caused by the Undin…

Going back to the known psych, she heals her patients with exorcism. Yes, folks, exorcism. Remember Linda Blair? “Yeah! I hate God! I pee in pront op u! I rotate my head!” That Linda Blair. (or was it Selma Blair…)

So, it is widely accepted that people can die of unknown causes usually from supernatural deaths and such. (beat that fictional x-files or sex-files courtesy of David Duchovny coined by one of my fave Phil Star writers Mr. Garceu… or something in that sense)

In the weirdness of our home, we believe (that includes me and momma) in the supernatural (as I’ve said before). But before anything else, I told my mom that the exorcised person usually has some psychological issues and it is not one hundred percent sure that that person is controlled, harassed, or affected by a supernatural being be a wandering spirit or an elemental.

Here’s the usual thing that is experienced in our house whenever someone is sick. Since my mom can do tongues and the let’s say the sick person is sick for days already, she’ll usually perform that. It includes prayers too.

Typically, a person who is sick usually has low spirits or aura. Ergo, the baddies can easily come and get you. One solution for the moment is pray if you don’t know what cause your illness. If no one knows how to do tongues here’s a tip. Be sure you have a prepared incense or candle at the altar and light the incense first.

From our experience, the bad elementals hate the smell of incense (sabi nga ng nanay ko, “at ano ba ang binigay ng tatlong hari kay Hesus?”… sabi ko, “apple iphone!!!! 80 gig!”)

I know the story seem so farfetched especially if you don’t experience it. You may say, these are all crap, I don’t mind. (kanya-kanyang survival skills lang yan)

Now, if you want to try to believe or at least try. In case someone is sick, try to light what needs to be lit.

Just don’t light the curtain.


(yuck. Supernatural stuff na naman. Like, ang weird mo talaga.)

Would you like to talk about the Chief Justices who were sacked recently?

Hahaha. No. There’s the jaryo for that.

~ by targrod on September 11, 2008.

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