Of Manong Rene.

I got this idea from a post in a forum.

I remember a few years ago when Long Mejia acted in an MMK episode. He acted out the life of Rene Requestas. I am proud to say that I cried when I watched it. It was really a memorable episode for me. Well, I’m not an MMK lover or the other one in channel 7. I’m not a drama type of person.

Enough with the drama…

Based on the post, he really popularized the idea of breaking the fourth wall.

What is a fourth wall? Well, there’s the first, second, and the third… (aaahhh… bago ang jokes noh?)

Seriously, it is like adding the audience in the punch line. Sample is when Rene makes a punch line, he’ll look at the camera and add more punch lines like “kaya nyo yun” or he’ll laugh in front of the camera ala Freddie Krueger. I do hope you get my point.

He started out his venture with local television by joining the Sic o Clock new squad with Jaime Fabregas et al (and up until now, we can’t provide this type of television show or maybe it is just I. Probably me.)

He is widely known as Joey De Leon’s sidekick. There’s Sheman, Starzan, Elvis and James, and Supermouse and the Roborats (I love this movie. I think they sang Singing in the Rain here, Joey De Leon version). And obviously there’s the plus Kris Aquino movie trilogy, the Pido Dida epic saga.

As I’ve said, I love this dude. Give me a movie of his (I won’t cheat) and I’d probably give his co-star. There’s Michael and Madonna (Manilyn Reynes!) and Love Ko Si Ma’am (Alice Dixson). Hahaha. Do you remember his other movies??? Hahaha. No.

I know. I know. I’m old that’s why I’m posting this but I really miss the guy…

(No funny punch lines here… I just miss the guy)

And I thought it was “enough with the drama”.


I just thought of this a few days ago, is it possible to come up with the top thirty or forty Pinoy comedians of all time? I mean, I know one way or another we laughed, smiled, cringed, or LOL with any of these comedians.

Why are comedians not taken seriously?

(again… no funny punch lines… I can’t make fun of comedians except for “comedians” that they feel like they are comedians but they are not gifted with that ability. We have a lot of that crap in our local industry. All of a sudden every one is capable of being a comedian.)


Here’s a techie tip (this is based on facts, for documentary purposes only):

If you get an error message using your SD card with this:

“Cannot copy *******: The parameter is incorrect”

A source in the Internet, states that the error is derived from:

This error (Cannot copy file (87)) occurs when a file over 4GB in size is being copied from an NTFS partition to a FAT32 partition. The error is because the maximum size of a file that can be stored on FAT32 is 4GB. This is a restriction of the file system and not SyncBack/SE/Pro. The only solution is to backup to a file system that can stores files of that size, e.g. NTFS.

You’d probably get some fixes here and there in the net and you’d probably ask yourself is there a straight-ass fix for this? I found a solution…

If you happen to insert the SD card in a card reader and use it in Windows XP. It probably won’t work. Try to look for a Windows 98 OS and use the card reader, it will work. =)

(This is due to the fact that I bought the SD card brand new without formatting it. I’m not sure if I can use the SD in XP if it is formatted though.)


~ by targrod on September 12, 2008.

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